?Is it a new Insect ally??????


Hi folks! I need help with identifying this Shape Changer/ Insect!
As you may know from some of my previous posts I do "see" cancer cells in people as blue dots.... Now lately in trance there always was/ is a small metallic blue Insect, that goes to these cells inside my patient's body and "blinks them out dead" I can not describe it any different... :(
But the Insect is lightning fast and very secretive and so far did not want me to see it....
But today - sitting outside in the bush, meditating, I all of a sudden "woke up" and saw this here Insect scuttling through the fallen leaves. I picked it up and it pooooped a ochre colored substance into my hand.
It did not smell. Then it played "dead" but soon decided to run all over my hands. It does not seem to be able to fly and has small mandibles but did not bite ....
We have no Insect guide book and I wonder, ifff you with all your fast internet connections could help to identify it. - -I can not get or load any pictures from the net in reasonable time to try......
I think it loooooks a lot like an Ant, but a metallic blue one?? And sooo large????
Of course I am wondering, ifffff I now met my little helper from the Otherworld in real life.....
Signed: lost in the world of Shape Changers....


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Yah, it looks like a beetle to me too. Mi-Shell, here's a pic from the web showing a "purple tiger beetle"


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Debra, your attachment comes up blank for me :(

\m/ Kat


Yep. Sorry! I put in a different one. You can find them by googling "purple tiger beetle" images, but Mi-Shell has a slow phone line so I wanted to give her a picture here...

The crowned one

My First thought was ant. A queen carpenter, with eggs.

is this it


Hm. Different body shapes.

There are about ten gazillion insect species. Sigh.

Is there an entomologist in the house?


Great ID roppo!:D

Here's a bit about them from the Kaufman and Audubon guides:

There are 21 species of oil beetles/blister beetles (Meloe). Adults exude skin-blistering irritants in a defensive tactic called reflex bleeding. Cantharidin is the chemical agent. If disturbed, this beetle feigns death by falling on its side. The larvae climb up plants and ride bees to their nest. Once inside the bee's burrow, the larva molts into a grub that consumes pollen and nectar stored for the larval bee, as well as the larval bee itself.