Is there a spread for missed relationships?


Hi, I found out last week that someone I really liked got married three years ago. I don't know why it bothers me because I hadn't thought about being with him for the past 10 years! There were certain clues in my life between the last time we talked and just prior to his wedding that I had pushed away as coincidences. Surely, there is a spread for finding out if I chose a path that deterred me from being with him, or if we never were meant to be? Hopefully there is such a spread because I feel like I'm holding myself back from getting back with someone else. :/


A spread for a missed relationship

Hi Intuitivetarot,

Here's a spread I made for you, test it out and tell how it works? No positions.

1. What is it we had back in the day?

2. What did s/he need emotionally back then?

3. What did I need emotionally back then?

4. What did s/he get from me emotionally?

5. What did I get from him/her emotionally?

6. What is his/her life like now?

7. What is his/her happiness level in the current relationship?

8. Why didn't it work between us?

9. What should I learn from this?

I personally don't want to use questions like "where could we be now" because it's so highly speculative and will only hurt if the answer is very positive because the past can't be changed. I think it's better to take an objective look on why it didn't go anywhere and learn from it. I think relationships fail/don't take off for a reason and maybe this gives clarity. I'm not sure if this is what you're after but this could help or give ideas what to ask.