Is there any interest in re-starting the Faerie Seekers in January or February?


Hi Faerie lovers,

I folded the Faerie Seekers at the end of October because Satori told me that she wanted to form a new Circle with just the Heart Of Faerie. Since we are a smallish group, I was pretty sure that two Circles wouldn't work. Since then Satori has had some exciting new opportunities open up for her work-wise and is no longer able to run the new Circle.

However the last FSC had only 6 participants, including me, so was wondering if there is even enough interest to re-start.

btw, if we did, the new rules still apply. The sign-up thread would be here in the Faeries Oracle Study Group area but the actual reading threads would be in Oracle Circles. Also the FSC would (if re-started) still include both the Faeries Oracle and the Heart of Faerie, reader's choice.

Thoughts? Interest?

Yours in faerie


absolutely, this was a great circle! I got so busy but would love to rejoin in.. I need to get my two decks out and use, they are wonderful decks and I miss getting to know them!


I'm definitely interested!


I would be interested as well, I will be getting more reliable internet and would like to take part in a future group. I am also taking another look at the HoF, I had a really hard time with that deck previously, the book was such a horrible disappointment that the cards felt ruined because of it.

Anyways, yes, I would like to join in a future group. Hello to all my fellow Faery Seekers and friends, I have missed this group, it is good to be back. ^_^

autumn star

I would be interested, I used to participate all the time anyway. I was wondering what happened to the November cirlce :)


I would be interested! I have not visited with my decks here of late...I regret that...

I think it would be good for both them and me! :) kim


I miss readings! I'm in! :)


wow! I had so little response at first that I had pretty well written this off. Okay, might be January or February. Christmas always complicates things.


Hello faery lovers :)
I would love to join the faery seekers again and re-connect with the faeries. I hope there's one soon. Really miss it.