Is This Legal?


Who has heard of this?

This doesn't seem legal to me. I thought I would post about it here in case one of the artists of one of the decks reportedly available can give us some background info on it.

I don't like seeing anyone getting ripped off...


Exactly :neutral:


The Rider Waite is available for free download in the 'download section - though I think you have to pay for these full decks - some are from artists we are familiar with.

Tarot Deck Cards Status
Angel Tarot 78 Shared
Ansata Tarot 22 VIP
Aquarian Tarot 78 Shared
Arcus Arcanum Tarot 78 Shared
Ceremonial Magick 78 VIP
Cosmic Tarot 78 Shared
Da Vinci 78 Shared
Decameron Tarot 78 VIP
Egyptian Tarot 78 Shared
Fantastical Tarot (new 24.12.2008) 78 VIP
Fradella Adventure Tarot 78 VIP
Gilded Tarot 78 Shared
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot 78 Shared
Herbal Tarot 78 VIP
Hoi Polloi Tarot 78 Shared
I Tarocchi Dei Segreti 78 Shared
Liber T - Stars Eternal Tarot Cards 78 Shared
Manara The Erotic Tarot 78 VIP
Masonic Tarot Cards 78 VIP
Osho Zen 78 Shared
Sephiroth 78 VIP
Ramses: Tarot of Eternity (new 24.12.2008) 78 VIP
Rohrig Tarot 78 VIP
Tarocchi di Vetro 22 VIP
Tarot Art Nouveau 78 VIP
Tarot de Paris 78 VIP
Tarot of the Gnomes 78 VIP
Tarot of the Mermaids (new 24.12.2008) 78 VIP
Tarot of the New Vision 78 Shared
Tarot of the Renaissance 78 VIP
The Dion Fortune Tarot Cards 78 VIP
The Fairy Tarot 78 VIP
The Fey Tarot 78 VIP
The Halloween Tarot 78 VIP
The Hermetic Tarot 78 Shared
The Tarot of Prague 78 VIP
The Witches Tarot 78 VIP
Thoth Tarot 78 Shared
Universal Tarot 78 Shared
Universal Waite 78 Shared
Unmei Tarot 22 VIP
Via Tarot Urania 78 VIP
Whimsical Tarot 78 Shared
World Spirit Tarot


Thank you for the list.

Now let's hear from some of these artists and see what they have to say :)


I have pm'd cirom and Riccardo.

The paid fee of 20USD and 17USD gives the buyer access to keys which allow you to use the program that offers certain decks ....


I tried to download the zipped folder of sample cards but it wont open .... careful guys.


I saw Tarot of Prague on there. Isn't that one of Karen's decks?

ETA: Artists, I have an IP address if you need one. This person advertised with me. I locked his/her thread and hid it from public view. Please PM here if you need it...


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Variations of this are happening more and more often.

Sometimes when deck images are placed on the internet in their entirety its for simple love of tarot and a desire to share views and comments, and while its still not right, it done innocently.

However this is a sophisticated product done for commercial gain.

So for the record. This product is to some degree at least, illegal. There are decks included on it without permission of the copyright holder, nor was there even a courtesy of that permission being requested.

I don't know what can be done about this trend in general or this case in particular, but I think it might help if as many people who are interested, would write in the site's 'contact us' section and inform them that the tarot community is aware of the morality of their product and for the most part will refrain from buying it for those reasons. Hopefully if they feel it will effect sales they may at least consider legitimizing the product.

Should anyone decide to purchase this software then thats a personal choice, but at least be aware of the ethics involved.

Thank you.


What I find concerning is the copyright claims

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I will write.