Is this possible to do?


I really would love to have a black and white Marseilles Majors only deck. It doesn't exist.

I know nothing about Paintshops, or other computer programmes like that. I am illiterate when it comes to computers.

Is it possible to scan the cards (just the Majors),from my Marseilles deck, and then somehow remove all the colour? I don't want any shadings or anything. Just as stark as possible.

Please can someone tell me if this is possible to do, and if so, how?

Then I could print them out and plastify them or something.


Dear Diana,

Yes, it's possible. It would be simple just to scan your cards then print them out as black and white (ie with tones of grey). That would be really easy - but you need to find someone with a printer that will print on card. The actual printing and cutting may be the most fiddly part.

If you want all the grey tones taken out, that would be a longer job of course, but just fiddly, not really difficult. If you find someone like an art student with good skills in something like Photoshop, they should be able to manage it. You might even try a copy-shop, not sure if they could do it, but worth asking.

Best of luck!




If you send me the scans of the majors, I'll send them back to you in black and white.

you can e-mail them to me at

fly well


Thank you both! You have warmed the cockles of my heart.

I will soon be able to have a Majors only black and white Marseilles deck. I can now die happy.

It is not so much that I want to use it for my readings - but I would like to use it for study purposes. I want to see what I can understand about these Arcana if they are devoid of colour. What do they add? What do they subtract?

People (including me) always go on about the importance of the colours in the Marseilles decks. But how can we be so sure if we don't try and study the pictures without them?

Ravenswing: I will take up your very very kind offer soon. :)


Good! It's nice to see a tarot question solved so easily.

If you have any problems let me know. I'm going to be away for a week or so, but of course I could scan my own Marseille deck when I get back (which I didn't think of - brain a bit slow today). Anyway, that's just as a back-up, I doubt you'll have problems.

Let us know what working with the black and white deck is like please.

Major Tom

I'd try simply reducing colour scans to 2 colours.

Do let me know if you have trouble getting this done Diana - I could help too. :) But, I am sure Ravenswing will come through.


reducing colore scans to only 2 collores could make dark blues and reds go black.

you'r better of puttong them into photoshop and coppying the selected "black" collore range and pasting it on a wite background.



Is this how you want it?

(see attachement)



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Not sure if it was the right deck, but it is a marseille.

If you want to, I can scan the majors for you and send them by mail :)



Oh Balder, you are so sweet!

That's the Dodal deck.

Would you mind doing the same thing with the Moon, so I can see what it looks like black and white? Then I'll know whether that's sufficient for me or not.