It all started with a visit to my drunk psychic...


That was one of the opening lines in a movie I rented this weekend called "Life Without Dick."

The drunk psychic and card reader is played by Teri Garr and even though it is a tiny part of the movie, I'd nominate her for a Best Supporting Actress oscar for it. She's so deadpan about being a total fraud, and then at one point when something she says actually hits the mark, she has such a reaction of surprise.

The movie was very funny overall, but I especially liked the Tarot performance by one of the true queens of ditzy comedy.


Catchy line!
Teri Garr has been an under-rated actress & comedienne. I did not know she was in this movie, but I would like to see it just for her & the part she plays. &, of course, the Tarot!