It started as a joke...


I've never seen it but other than copywrite problems, I say go for it :) Maybe you could even get the Dragon Ball folk to go along and underwrite you--create it and put it out? Who knows.


My son and youngest daughter would love you for creating such a deck!!! They are huge Dragon Ball Z fans.

Dianne :)


Wow, Diana. I have been thinking over the past few months when a young person could be successfully introduced to the cards and what deck would be appropriate for them! I have two step-kids, and I have shyed away from reading in front of them because I don't want them to think of reading as a game and I have really balked at the idea of them using my cards. I figured the Greek mythology deck I use would be too difficult for them to understand.

I don't know much about Dragon Ballz, but I know my stepson, at least, watches this show.

I think it's a fabulous idea, and quite challenging, too. How does one explain the concept of the Tower, or the Chariot, etc, in terms a young person can really understand?

I'd love to hear how you progress!

Major Tom

Hail Citizen Diana! :D

Great idea! But if you're truly serious about proceeding - your first stop has got to be the producers of the show. They are the ones who own the characters - you've got to have their permission to proceed.

Having said that - the producers might just be very interested - even to the point of being willing to pay an advance to allow you to proceed quickly. It would all depend on your proposal....

Pokemon trading cards were all the rage in Britian a couple of years ago. :)