i've had this deck for a while


actually, it was my first deck of divination cards. it was given to me by my very good friend who had bought it for herself but when i visited her one day she was almost pushed by the fae to give it to me.

i haven't yet filled in my zero card. everytime i try, everytime i have a distinct image of my guide, he(i'm using the proper english - i don't actually know their sex) disapears from my vision! so i think i'll leave it blank. if that's what you want you can have it that way!

i've only ever given readings from this deck because i am more connected to it. it is my favourite and always will be, even aboe the one i'm creating for myself.

my favourite cards would be Solus(such power!), Honesty(so cute!), Himself(those eyes!) and The Dark Lady(shivers!). Not neccisarily in that order, either. *waits to be harassed in some way*

my cards and i do a dance, i lose my book i find my cards, i lose my cards i find my book, when i want to show my cards to someone the book dissapears so they can look at the meanings. UGH! lol..damn faeries. yes, yes...i said damn faeries. we have a unique relationship. :)

but that is my experience. to just introduce myself to this part of the forum. :)


Hi there! I love this deck, too, and am sorry to say that lately I haven't had the time to lavish my Faeries with the attention they deserve. These cards are different in feeling from all others -- in fact, I hesitate to call them cards, because they truly seem like a community of beings, and that is how I think of them.

About the zero card -- I have never drawn or pasted an image on mine. I have discovered that this is unnecessary because a) one's guidance can change over time (and in relation to specific needs), and b) in order to impress the zero card with an image, it isn't necessary to actually draw upon it; all that is necessary is to sketch an image on a small piece of paper, turn the page so that the drawing is face-down upon the zero card (which is face-up, in relation to the sketch), and place the deck on top of the pair -- an energy transfer occurs, which can be cleared at a later time by giving thanks, and placing a new drawing face-down upon the zero card. This process might not feel right to everyone, but give it a try if you resonate with the idea.

Welcome to this part of the forum! :)


welcome welcome welcome fellow fae friend!

Solus really is a neat faery, to me he's an absolute of internal truths. You know what is right, you know what you want, do what you know you need to is what i almost always see and hear in those gorgeous ice blue eyes behind all that passionate firey outside.

Honesty to me is again, about internal truths, but in a different light. More the type of internal truth of finding inner strength when you find something very difficult (to be honest about something you did wrong) type of feeling. Sorrowful in a way, yet comforting, loving.

Himself is the life of the party, yet he will pin you against a wall MAKE you face the reality you've been wanting to ignore, all done with a mischievious smile and his heel bouncing to the beat of the heavy drums. He lures you into his faery dance, spinning you around a few times and letting you go to relook at the world again with new eyes. There is a thread here all about Himself, think it's right underneath this thread.

The Dark Lady hmmm...haven't spoken with her much, she seems kinda..um, dark. To me that's uncomfortable, kinda like the feelings of things that go bump in the night, or creepy sounds that makes you crinch under you blanket leaving your mind to doubt if it was just the house settling or is someone walking around the house, yes it's these things that i believe is the work of the Dark Lady. Dark, Vampiric, Eerie, Scary.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your fae's. Again, welcome to our side of Aeclectic!


Astraea said:
These cards are different in feeling from all others -- in fact, I hesitate to call them cards, because they truly seem like a community of beings, and that is how I think of them.
That is exactly how see them as well ... unfortunatly I have not had time to work or play with them or any other decks in the last few months.