I've met my guide...


I've finally met my guide :D...

I was playing with my band this evening, and the atmosphere was tense. One of the guitarists (who happens to be my ex boyfriend with whom I had a relationship for 2 1/2 years...) kept making stupid remarks, getting angry at nothing and so on and so forth...
I felt like crying, like going home, simply leaving.
Then, suddenly, the (filled) ashtray fell. It stood very firmly, couldn't have just fallen down! I got irritated...
Cleaned up the mess, put it firmly back where it stood...

Then, it fell again. I heard giggling, felt a presence. 'Don't take him too seriously' the presence said... I knew rightaway, this is my guide, and smiled.

I'm not really sure who he (it is a he) is. He felt like Himself, but not exactly. He was to active for that ;). I'll try and find out who he is by meditating.

I am so happy! Not alone anymore...
Tnx Aeclectic, for convincing me that a life with Faery is fantastic!

Athara (and her guide :p)


ROFL Very faery-like! :D
They just love to tease to get their points across! :)


Do you think the Green Lady might have a hand in this ?? :D


Hm, I'm sure it wasn't the Green Lady Herself, but she might have started the fire ;).

I'm so happy!


Ah lucky! I want to meet my fairy guide, but they're being elusive. :p ah well, there's always tomorow.


Sure, patience is the thing here. Just keep playing with the cards, and when the time's right, he/she'll come. :D

The guide I was talking about wasn't my only one. Another came by, a week or two ago. They keep surprising me!

Arie Tarou

*ponders* The Maiden comes to mind. but it's just a thought..

*the Silent one*