Jack The Magician

Little Baron

This is simply just a 'try out'.

I actually started working today. Purchased a wig for my mannequin and some accessories and started.

The card will not look like this in the end of course but I was happy with the results as a test.

I think Jack looks quite fetching in his boler and blonde wig.

Any advice or comments are much appreciated.



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Little Baron

After a gruelling days work, Jack doesn't like to spend his spare time on his feet. This is where he resides. There is so little room in my room with the tall lady and all the torsos that he spends all of his time here when not working.

Yes, I do get startled every morning but I am getting used to it.

I took this photo because it made me laugh.



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Years ago, I used to work with mannequins -- rental, repair, pickup and delivery. What a blast-from-the-past those photos are! Thanks!

(And, just to stay on-topic, good work on the card images so far. I like where this deck seems to be going, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!)

Little Baron

Thanks Rota.

I am glad you like the pics. I imagined people would think I had totally lost it (I can hear some people saying 'you have!').

I was originally going to photograph myself in the pics and still might do but as I have so many bodies lying around, I thought I may as well use them; that way, I can do all the styling, photography and computer work by myself and do not need to rely on anyone else.

As I said, the first pic was just a try out so it should look more detailed and have more details in it when I work on the original. I just wanted to see how he looked through the camera and if it would work. As I sit here typing, Jack lies seductively on the bed as he does in the second picture. I won't be using this one but I like the outfit and will work on about 20 designs or more that are based on what i have worked on here.

I am just relieved that things have began to move forward a little.

Best wishes



I like it. And I think, most importantly, you're gonna have fun with this. If you do, other people will too, and that's a great way to go.


i get such a kick out of this concept, will it be entirely photo or are you adding other media as well?



Yaboot - I really like this style - im getting quite excited to see the others now!! - the models are a good choice - they do look quite life like even.

Little Baron

Thanks for your comments.

I will be using some other media. I was thinking of incorperating designs and notes (as in the Rohrig deck) and also fabric samples.

This will probably be more of an arty deck than something that would make a really could tarot set; due to the nature of my college brief. I have to fit in with that so the models will be more symbols than really something you can pull lots and lots of symbolism from.

Tried doing the back of the cards first. Was going to make them reversable but it just didn't look right.



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