Jane Lyle-Key to Tarot


Has anyone read this book? And if you have, what's your opinion of it? This book is dedicated to interpretation of the Marseille style of cards. Thanks.



I neither have it, nor have I read it, and have read and heard conflicting views about it. It is certainly one of those books I'll have to get around to ordering!

It is also my understanding that the book deals with the Major Arcana only - but I may be incorrect.


I don't know. Jane Lyle does have a level headed grasp on tarot history. Anyway, I ordered a used copy from BN.com since it's out-of-print. My hope is that it will aid me in my basic understanding of the Tarot. My Camoin should be here in a couple of weeks (I hope) and if this deck can help me learn how to read pips, I'll be happy.
Thanks for the response.