JH Brennan


Does anyone read JH Brennan? I've got his book 'Experimental Magic' and have enjoyed it very much. I just ordered a used copy of his first book, 'Astral Doorways' and am looking forward to it.

He also writes fiction, and a friend of mine (actually my teacher and mentor) recommends his 'Faerie Wars Chronicles'.

I just googled him and found that he is still alive and was born in 1940! For some reason, based on his writing style in 'Experimental Magic', which was published in 1972, I expected he was much older, and that he was writing that book as an elderly occultist. Maybe he picked up that style from reading what was available back then, Israel Regardie, et al.

Anyway, I recommend 'Experimental Magic', particularly if you are interested in getting some rudimentary introduction to high magic techniques.