Job Result Spread?


I had an interview a month ago and I've been wondering about how to make a spread about finding out the result? (Never made a spread before) Or is there already a spread out there?

I was thinking something like "will I get the job in the next X months?" (for me, I could be hired between March and December, and I'd reapply, so I think this is a good question? I'd use three months probably?)

For cards, I'd think you need 'should I accept the job', 'would I get the offer', a card for the time (if done with tarot instead of oracle, card number could determine months or weeks?) and maybe something else?

It's a bit specific, but I'd also have a card about moving - it's an international move, so a card about my reaction to my new place might be an idea?

Sorry this is vague, I'm nervous about this job and I want answers!!! haha


I did a quick oracle reading but it was a mess, which is odd since my cards have been VERY accurate until know. Probably because I'm so stressed!

When I asked what's important for me over the next few days? Take it easy.

Maybe it's better for me not to do a spread right now! XD


Hi, thanks for the link

Most of those look geared towards before you have an interview.

The spread here looks alright:
I think it'd need to be modified into a three card reading for my situation though (having already done the interview and former employer's not being relevant)

I'll give it a go tomorrow! (Though fingers crossed I'll FINALLY hear something tomorrow...)