John Holland


I've read the latest book by the medium John Holland named "Spirit whisperer", and I thought it was really good. Well, at least that was my first impression...

It seemed that he knew it all, and had such open and real contact with the dead. In his book there is no room for bad readings or bad sceanses. All the examples is full of clarity, and I thought "Oh my God, this man is good and for real".

But then I listened to his radioshow, live on HayHouseRadio - and my opinion changed totally. He was wrong all the time, and just kept on guessing - unable to get any confirmation that the callers really got connected to their dead loved ones.

But his confidence is high, and he's a really good author - maybe that's enough to fool everybody.

I think he's a fraud, or nothing more than an average reader.

His take on afterlife I didn't like either, and when I heard he guessed wrong all the time, I thought with great joy that this man knows nothing of either heaven or afterlife.

So Mr. Holland - I am as connected as you are, though I am more honest about my limitations, and I don't fool people with doubtful intuition or simply guessing.

He is very new-american-new-agey - those who front personal development to the point they are almost nazi.

Life is just sh*t sometimes, and John Holland is no exception.

Anyone here have any take on him?


Never heard of him but I'll be sure to steer clear now!! :)


I have his Oracle deck and enjoy it but I'm not familiar with him as a person or psychic. Now that I read your review I'm glad the intuition comes from me ;)



A few years back I went to a seminar and saw John Holland....there were probably 20 of us give or take. The topic was related to being open to messages from the other side. He was very interesting and I enjoyed the evening. He did a few readings for some of us. The ones he did seemed pretty right-on....I have been to see John Edward, James Van Praugh, Sylvia Brown, Rosemary Altea and Jenny Crawford. Jenny Crawford is from New Zealand and if you get a chance to see her by all means do so. Jenny is wonderful! She has books out that are a joy to read. One story takes place in Wrightwood, and that is about my sister-in-law and my mother and myself. The book is titled, Spirit of Love. (Hilarious Moments, Mabel, is the story my SIL). Through the Eyes of the other book's title. To me Jenny is the real deal, along with John Edward and James Van Praugh..that is MHO anyway. Holland was okay..