Just an idea (!)

Little Baron

It seems, like myself, that a lot of new people have found this oracle and are joining this part of the forum.
Since we are all different, some having an already established relationship with the faeries, and others, detecting 'new whisperings', it would be good to get all of this energy going again.

For the later arrivals to the forum, such as myself, the exercises at the start of MacBeths book were posted on here and completed by the longer running members quite a while ago. It was very interesting to read the posts. A lot of the same cards were covered, which gave varied and very personal responses to that faerie. However, there were many that were not.

This is just an idea, but maybe we could work through the entire collection of faeries. If we start a thread for each one, as we go through the weeks, all of our responses, based on intuition and what else we have researched and learnt in our readings, will base a wonderful 'source' for us to refer to again and again, and an invaluable spiritual manual for new readers that come into the forum. The book by MacBeth is a great companion to the deck and characters we have found within it, but we have the abilities, with so much knowledge and open ears to create a boundless record of understanding for each of the faeries we meet.

I think that one every week would be enough to tacke, homing in on that faerie and using their energy throughout the given time. It would be like having a friend to stay for a vacation, learning what they are like to live with and sitting up until the early hours of the morning, listening to stories they tell about their lives.

For anyone that was worried (in one of the posts not so long ago) that this forum was finished, this would keep us going for another 65 weeks and in the end, whether we contributed to every faerie thread or not, there would be this wonderful volume of knowledge, intuition, energy and excitement there to always refer to and look back over.

So ... what do you all think?

Do enough of you want to do this? If so, reply here and we can go about deciding who our first faerie for a discussion week will be.

Best wishes to you all


Little Baron

It's me again

It's me again ... pestering you all once more.

Was thinking about my proposed idea while wandering around the supermarket - which is probably why I came back with hardly any of the things I went out to buy!

When we respond to each weekly thread, we can begin in the same way as the exercises in the book suggested when we discussed our favourite, least favourite and universal cards. What we decide to talk about within and after that in each thread is up to us, as a way of explaining our messages to each other and interpretting our new faerie friends.

Provided that you want to do this, do you think that a week is enough? Do you think that it is too long and want to discuss two faeries in a week? When I get back to university in a month, I know that the one will be enough for me when I have my college work to get on with. I think that a week is a good amount of time to really savour their presence and get to know them.

I hope that you do not mind, but I have taken the liberty of posting a thread for the first faerie with my interpretation. I have not read the book so everything that you read will be based on intuition and the relationship with the faerie that I have chosen. If this works out and you enjoy working this way, then someone else can post the next thread in a week. If you think that this is a naff idea, then please let me know.

The first one can be ... The Sage.

Best wishes to you all



Its a fine idea - makes me ashamed I haven't made more effort lately.

You're just what we needed! No time to post tonight - weekend, I'll be back.



I will certainly try to follow along! thanks for ideas! great to have you with us!


i think it's important to have someone who's willing to step up to the plate and start something new.

i'm new to this section, but........good job!



new? old? bah humbug! we are all a group ... friends of the faeries. Let us learn from them ... in their world time is not as it is for us. As Umbrae put it in another forum ... "time is a man made construct so that everything does not happen at once".


Faeries Group Study

Hello Jewel and others, I'm looking forward to studying the faeries again. The girls start school this week and I'll have more time to brush up my faery skills...lol. Sounds fun.


I think it's a really good idea!I love this oracle. I just got it, and really want to tune in to the faeries' energies. This sounds like a cool way to do it.


YAY! YAY! Welcome back Momof3girls! And a big welcome to DarkElectric! Seems like the faeries are amassing their supporters in this forum *LOL*


*jade peaks around the corner*

i'm here too!