I created this spread and would love to share it for you to give it a try and also share your experiences.


1-Recent past of the client regarding to love
2- Present of the c.
3-Possible future of the c.
4- Bad about the love interest (usually get the physical appearance too, the sign or just how he/she has been acting, also, it might give you a feeling what the client THINKS is bad about the person, not necessarily bad lol)
5- Good things about the love interest
6- What the love interest thought of them at first sight, how it all started for him/her.
7- How things are now, usually I complement it with the first three cards of course.
8- Possible plans of the love interest if actually had them
9- Do not do this. Avoid.
10- Best advice. Should do.

Hope you like it :3 Willing to hear your opinions and experiences!