Just bought the Faeries


I want to thank-you all for all the posts in this site that I have read and that lead me to buying The Faeries' Oracle today.

I have always felt a connection with faeries, but having felt NO connection at all to the fairies in the "Healing with the Fairies" deck by Doreen Virtue, I was a little reluctant to try with another deck. I have "Fairy Oracle" by Sulamith Wulfing which is a small oracle set with beautiful artwork and simple messages but I wanted something more indepth.

So today I bought The Faeries' Oracle. I am so happy that I did. Having read the posts on this site, I took everyone's advice and read the first part of the book and started with some of the exercises, organizing the cards as I see them etc. I picked the card that appealed to me the most, card that least appealed to me and the card that called to me from face down.

Wow. These cards have so many different levels to them. I wont read the rest of the book until I have taken the time to get to know each card by myself (my own interpretation).

I had the most amazing experience with these cards today. Now I understand why you all love them so much. Many thanks to everyone for leading me to them, Ruby7


Best of luck to you and your Fae Ruby7~! ;) And don't forget to post lots about what they have to tell you, ok??? I love hearing everyone's personal Faery tales that they can share.


Thanks Alissa, I have read and enjoyed many of your posts, will be happy to share. Ruby7


To you and your faeries...

Congratulations on your new relationship! I am so glad that you got the deck and are already enjoying it. One really has to experience these Faeries to see why so many people respond to them with such enthusiasm. Each one of Froud's Faeries feels so vibrantly alive that I can barely bring myself to refer to them as cards!


Oh I'm so glad to hear that you have found a connection with this deck! I love them, and their continual insights, how they explain what we need to learn and how to grow. I definitely agree that they have many levels to them, very indepth! Definitely post all that you feel comfortable sharing about you and your faeries!

Wisp Wings

first musings

".....about being pulled, drawn to faeries/fairies. At the initial beginning of this tug, in the rational mind I was thinking maybe it was my wanting Spring to come and couldn't wait to get back to working in my garden. I have always listened to my voice of intuition (or those guiding the inner me). I do believe sometimes we are collectively being guided toward what perhaps collective spirits are wanting to share with us or have us to learn of." Quote of myself from another post here.

Soon after that initial tug I was knowing I was to get this deck. I went twice to buy it at a store and they were out. I do believe the faeries were directing this whole situation. I now have my deck of them, found and bought in the Trade section of Aeclectic Tarot Forum, (don't you just love it?!!). It came in the mail on Friday. With it the weekend and a holiday on Monday, I don't think I will have much time to devote to them until Tuesday.

I have read only the post that are very general in faery talk and not deck in-depth talk or of their personalities. This was due to wanting to meet and have the first encounters truly to be our own without outside influences. I am where I now need to write on the least appealing card to me.

Ohhhhhh have to share this! I did read some of the post of "storing them" just a few hours after they directed me to their preface with me for a home. I was laughing inside of myself reading these post. It is so funny, I thought it was a just me thing. I had months back made a beautiful green bad with a big floral explosion print on the inside of it. Once I got the deck and as soon as I started doing the grouping of the types of cards it was clear to me this is not the bag for them. The deck and the bag haven't been within 20 feet of each other. I was directed to make one out of some brownish tan suede I have and the lining is to be of actually a kitchen type print of various berries on it, like raspberries and blueberries. Well get this! I felt they weren't to be back in the box at all and until I could make the time to make up their bag, I had to that night cut the pieces of the suede for the bag and shelter them in between it to house them. So their first night was to their liking. I was so suprised when reading that so many others are being directed as to how to house them too. I would have never put this berry and leave print with the deep tan suede, but I guess they are getting their trees, berries and leaves. Wonder if the other bag, the lining was too loud for them? Maybe they wanted the brown over the forrest green. I think this is going to be some row to hoe in the future. LOL! Also the amount of suede I have is just barely enough to make this bag! None at all to spare. Literally no scraps to be had left. Talk about precise!


Oh I'm so glad you finally were able to get your faeries to come home to you. They truly are a very outspoken deck. I can't wait to read some more fresh stories about faery tales. Congratulations, and don't forget to post your favorite and least favorite cards, and universal cards.