Just getting started...


Hi y'all -

Some of you may have seen in my threads where I metioned having started a deck. Umbrae suggested I get a GeoCities site to share my work-in-progress with y'all, so I did:


these are rough drafts, sketches, composites... but the style is coming together and I think the Empress and High Priestess, at least the characters, are getting close...


Geocities caution


I don't know if they have changed their policies recently or not, but at one time Geocities claimed copyright to everything posted on one of their sites. It was somewhere in the user agreement or provacy policy. Not only did it state that they owned the copyright but that they could use your images/writing at any time for promotional purposes. When they did that there was a mass exodus from artists and creators from Geocities and at the time they seemed to have no plans in revising it.
It would be worth checking into before posting or leaving anything on their system.



I like the figures very much, though the heads seem a bit large. Perhaps that's part of the style, which will become apparent as the project progresses. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

(I doubt whether Geocities has any legal leg to stand on regarding ownership of your images. It'd never stand up in court.
Still, you can always go elsewhere. I've saved images of mine in Yahoo Briefcases, for example. The net hasn't been co-opted by faceless money-hungry jackal corporations yet.)


Thanks for the heads up, Marie... They probably won't be staying here long, and these are just drafts anyhow. You know how when you've just done something you like, you can't WAIT to share it with people...

rota: yes, the big heads are by intent. I wanted at first to have a much more cartoonish/manga-esque style, like the Fool shown, but I seem to be settling in on a more realistic look to the anatomical proportion, with the exception of the big heads. If the anatomy is TOO realistic, maybe the disproportionate size of the heads will bother people... almost every specific critical comment I've received is on anatomical proportion, probably because it's NOT exaggerated enough to cue people in, "hey this is a cartoon."

Since I'm still trying to develop a unique style for these characters, this is great feedback. thanks!


i like the empress - give her a background!


ditto ------^

Major Tom

A very nice start. :)

Keep up the good work.