Just got the deck?!?


Hello Everyone

How is everyone doing? OK i just got the Faeries Oracle and the first thing that i wanted to say is that it is just BEAUTIFUL!~!~! I love the artwork and the feel of them and i can not wait to begin working with them :) Now, i have a question that i am hoping you guys can help me with, should i cleanse the deck before i begin to work with it or no? I know whenever i get a new tarot deck i always like to cleanse it first but i wasn't sure if i sould do the same thing with the oracle? So ya, looking forward to hearing your guys opinions about this!~!

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Personally, I wouldn't and I didn't mine. Many here believe that the individual decks are each a bit different than the next "seemingly" identical deck, meaning that they carry their own personality. Like why did you take the deck that you took or the one you were sent was the one it was, instead of the next deck that went out. I hope I am making sense. This is all talking about how they are real. Yes, the deck is nothing but paper and ink, yet the way you are going to deal and learn initially these individuals is being in use with their cards. I believe if it was needed to be done, that Jessica MacBeth would have added at the beginning of the book this is a "must do", just as she did all of the exercises. She did not.

If you want to do anything special, this is up to you. Cleansing, I just wouldn't. You may want to hold a special prayer for the beginning with them. I do an energizing ritual (recharge/charging) and this is good for new decks as well. Rub your hands together briskly, thinking of the heat building in them as energy in a golden hue, sparkling. Then hold the deck in your hands and infuse the energy from your hands into the deck and through-out your body. This is a great time to add a blessing or a prayer.

One member of the Yahoo group "Faery Oracle" when she first got her's went into the forest collecting moss, twigs and such. Then she invited all of her like minded friends over, lit candles, lit a fire,and put the forests offerings around the room. All looked
in awe at the beauty of the deck and chose favorite cards.

I loved her way of first bringing the deck and a "welcoming" of them to her dwelling, a type of "my Casa, your Casa".

All Is One


This is another of my very favorite decks that I forgot to list in the "What decks do you own thread"

I don't usually read the book right off with a new deck, but I loved this one the minute I picked it up. Intuition, as was said just above, is the key.

You will very shortly "know" all kinds of things and the hard part is sorting through the rush of inspiration and joy that commes from this deck.



Clean Faeries

I found that cleansing my Faeries Oracle was a lot like trying to give a cat a bath. It seems that faeries lick themselves clean.

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LOL Lark! I haven't attempted to cleanse them as I stated above in this thread, but I couldn't agree with you more on the "like giving a cat a bath".

A thought on this all too, many of faes a large part of their presence is MIST. Others are associated with the low laying plants in gardens and woodlands. There is nothing more cleansing and refreshing than morning dew. This is part of the fresh awakening with each new day. So whether it be an evening mist, or morning dew or the dampness of a woodland glen, there is really no need in my mind to ever cleanse them as their are renewing and cleansing of themselves.

All Is One

Giving A Cat A Bath

Great analogy...

Tarot decks and cats - I like that a lot.

It is in fact true that the deck sort of cleanses and infuses you as much or more than the other way around.

I heard that Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff...

My decks tend to dictate their desires to me rather than the other way around, in fact, they get crystals, spreading cloths, altars, furs, and fancy bags of leather or velvet , etc, showered upon them...I get wisdom and vision in return.

But they certainly take over the house and me, the FO especially, just like a cat does.

My own personal prejudice? A few decks have been a bit more 'dog like' but that is not fair - I have had a few magickal dogs who deserved staff...

Hope you will start a thread in readings or in Decks and tell us how your FO is working for you>

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"All Is One", I think I may have you understanding differently than I had wrote and intended it to mean. I have many Tarot decks as well plus some other oracle type decks. The ONLY deck that I personally feel doesn't from some time or the other and for various reasons that doesn't need cleansing is the "Faeries Oracles". All of my other decks I do as needed cleanse them. I haven't had to deal with this yet with the "Faeries Oracles", but the only reason in my mind that I may feel a need to be apart of their cleansing would be after having done a reading with them for a very negative type individual. This "apart of" the cleansing would be more of a mutual helping to cleanse and rid both them and my spirituality from the negative having just experienced, regardless of how grounded and centered I was before and during the reading. I rarely ever read for someone that is this draining to me. Maybe it is just having been well grounded and centered.

Listen to your inner-self and to the faes to direct you and when using the Tarot, let the archetypes there to direct you. It is really a personal and to each their own situations and need.

I do power charge infuse all my decks occasionally.


Proud new guest of the faeries, here...

I just got my Faeries Oracle today!
I have barely opened the box this evening, but the acquisition itself has been somewhat noteworthy...
I went to one of my favorite bookstores on Friday to get an entirely different deck, but it wasn't there anymore.
My friend noticed that there were numerous "fairy" decks on the shelves. I'd tried so many, I really wasn't interested.
We tried another bookstore, and still no luck with the deck I wanted.
However, at this store were several of the Froud's Faeries Oracle. There weren't any samples of the deck, but we found the "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" book and basically drooled over the pictures.
I only had the $20 and change for the tarot I was looking for, so I couldn't buy the oracle. I figured I could come back for it later in the month, since there were several on the shelf, anyway.
But the Faeries had captured me...
Late Friday night, online, I check out the Faeries Oracle some more. All good reviews and beautiful cards. There I go!
By Saturday morning, I'm making plans to go back to the bookstore and get the Faeries Oracle with my $20, instead of the other deck. The oracle costs more, but I figure I can put up with mac-'n'-cheese for a couple of weeks.
Only trouble is, I have no transportation to the bookstore.
Just slightly after the noon hour, a friend calls to tell me he has money he owes me from a loan two-months old. Can he come by to pay me back, and would I like to go to lunch? WOO-HOO!!!
We got to the bookstore before lunch, all the cash I need to buy my Faeries Oracle in my hot little hands, and...
All the decks on display the day before were gone! I looked everywhere!
I had no idea why, and I was too distraught to ask, so we just left.
I bought groceries on the way home, at least.
Well, today I had plans with a friend to go to yet another favorite bookstore across town. I'd pretty much tapped out their tarot selection, but I could at least trade in my unwanted decks for a few good books.
I'd already decided to look for "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" to partially appease my need to look upon Froud's artwork.
I went searching for the book in the store, and THERE IT WAS...
Right next to the book, the Faeries Oracle--the one and only copy in the store!
When I got my trade credit tallied, it came out to EXACTLY the amount I needed to get the Faeries Oracle AND the "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" book.
I was skipping out of the bookstore, Faeries in hand...
We went on to Wal-Mart, where I left my bookstore loot in the back seat. I forgot to lock the back passenger-side door.
I didn't realize it until we came back out of the store, and saw the bag still sitting in the back seat, door unlocked, practically screaming "Steal Me!" Amazing...
So you see, I can already tell that this deck is going to be amazing to use, hence my interest in the study group.


What an adventure Tauni

Sounds just like the kind of run around the faeries like to give you.
They wanted to be sure you r-e-a-l-l-y wanted them. You're in for a ride Tauni! Hope to hear about more of your adventures in the Faerie oracle thread.