Just how many decks are too many


I just started collecting decks. I seem to be buying more than I can use. Is this the norm?

Does anyone have a rule on how many and when to buy.



When you have to move to a bigger house because your collection has overrun all available space, you have too many decks.

When you have to choose between paying your rent and buying that rare italian pack, you have too many decks.

If every time you roll over in your bed you scatter cards onto the floor, you have too many decks.

If it takes you four hours to dust one room because you have to rearrange everything back into their proper order, you have too many decks.

If you can't find a single deck on e-bay that you don't already own, you have too many decks.

When you start commissioning your own personal Tarot design, you probably have too many decks.

If the fire department has declared your den a hazard to the community, you have too many decks.

Otherwise, have fun collecting!


Well, my honey tells me that 5 is too many. I just bought my fourth. My answer is as long as there is a path to the bed, a place on it for the cat, and enough money on my credit card for one more deck, I don't have too many.

Seriously, so you collect Tarot Decks. There are a lot of decks that I would love to have just for the artwork, the rarity of it, or the theme of the deck. That does not mean that I would ever read with them, but you never know. Some people collect unicorns, shells, or those little spoons with the states on them. Big deal! Tarot Decks are way cooler than a little silver spoon! I say as long as you can afford it....Go For It!


i'm not sure how many amounts to too many, but i have 21, and that's not nearly enough.
luv and light,


Mojo: Thank you--I love it :D


O.K., So about deck number 9, Does anyone know the name of the round deck that is in black and white?

Thanks for all your advise.




Just funny. I always enjoy your posts, 'cause you have a way of whackin' through the flim-flam, but this was good.

And, StarShine, funny. So, other people collect salt and pepper shakers shaped like little outhouses, or spoons, or whatever you suggested.

I have, I think (for me), a serious answer. I mean it.

I have two working decks, and one collectors deck, because, alas, I cannot read with it so it doesn't count. Maybe. I also have a really neat wood box large enough to contain four decks comfortably, even if I wrapped each deck or something.

So, I have room for one, maybe two, more decks. However many you have, if you don't have room for that absolutely perfect deck when it comes along, then you have too many.

Always save room for that "perfect" deck.



that sounds like the older "daughters of the moon" deck, allowing you to color it in, like the BoTA deck. i think it's out-of-print now, so if you have it, it's a keeper!
BTW, there's no such thing as "too many" tarot decks! that's just a horrible myth...trust no one who so much as hints of such a tragic perspective--they probably collect those silly little spoons!


I have quite a few decks, and all the members of my family own at least 2 decks each. I buy the decks that have artwork that sings to me. No song, no sale.

There aren't "too many" decks. At this point there are two few singing decks. I'm in the mood for a new one and haven't found one for awhile.


Well, it's good to have a hobby right?

I used to have lots of tarot decks because I used to buy every deck that visually appealed to me regardless of whether I could actually use it or not. A few months ago, I started trading them and selling them on eBay. I've kept only the decks that really speak to me and that I actually use. I own 16 decks.

But I'd listen to Mojo...that's some good advice.