just looking for opinions...


I usualy just lurck around reading lots of the your interesting points of vew. so finaly i decided to come out and start participating.
I alwais come here because I have been trying for a long time to make a tarot of my own. I believe that finaly this version of the deck is mooving ahead, so please tell me what you think?


i'm going to make it based on the marseiles deck, just with my own interpritation of the major arcana and courts.


Faerie Lin

Wow! I love your drawing style! The color scheme is very calming. The cardbacks are pretty! I love it!

Have you done any book illustrations? If you haven't you should!



Thanks Faerie Lin!

i'm so glad you like it. no i've never dun any book ilistration. though i have thaught of it i'm just not much of a reader. but who known...

thanks again

Major Tom

First, just let me say welcome to the community. :) I'm glad to see you've decided to participate.

You've certainly developed a strong yet simple style of illustration - very clean. I'm positive there will be many here who will be interested in your Marseilles interpretation. You're only going to do the Major and Courts? Why not your own pips as well?


thanks Major Tom.

sorry for misleading, i do intend to make the pips, just that they won't have any sceens or people in them. i decieded this becaise i found that every deck i have has certain meanings that don't corespond to what i've studied. i've tried to strip it down to be very basic so one can aply ones own interpretation. i don't know if it will work but lets see.



what a deck...


Great start--

the figures work out real well without backgrounds...

I love the way the fool is coming out of the card by bleeding over the boarder... and the empress-- the throne that isn't there... great statement

What's the sky blue?

Keep at it...

Fly well


thanks Ravenswing.

the sky blue is just my desk top :| !

it's cool that you picked up on those details. ;)



Love it!

So simple, yet powerful. So clean, but rich in its simplicity. Like The High Priestess. Is that a key hole on place of her belly button? It looks to me like a key hole. Unlocking the Priestess. Interesting concept.
Also, I like the lecherous girls caressing the lover-boy in the Lovers card. And he is so confused!

Keep up the good work! :)


how could I have miss those...


I re-enter your site after reading some of these postings... I missed the scroll over so I didn't see you priestess and lovers..

great cards too..

i really like the coloring of the priestess viel-- it works niclely for me, slowly pulls the eye downward... and speaking of viels-- the usual flow of hair that is missing-- it makes her starker... someone mentioned the keyhole... wonderful touch

oh... back to the magician-- why the wand in the left hand instead of the traditional right?? that and his expression bring immediately up to mind the word "sinister" ( meaning left...)

the lovers-- ah, what a vision there... is he even able to make a choise??? or perhaps it is that he doesn't even realize where he is....

fly well
keep 'em comin'


hi again Ravenswing and spunch.

i like your observations.

that is indeed a key hole on the popes. i've dun this card remembering that in fact it was originaly called the popes and that there was a pope that was believed to be a woman "Pope John VIII" or "Pope Joan VIII" the keyhole to me represents a secret and the key the answer. we see no hair because we would be able to say without a dought that she is a woman and hence there would be no secret.

the bateleur holds the wand in his left hand can be interpreted in diferent ways. i don't like to say too much because that was the point of this deck, to be open to interpretation. notice that he still has the infinity symbole hiddin in his turbent.

i'm quite proud of the lovers. i spent a long time looking at the lovers from the marseiles deck because i knew that the card is suposed to represent a choice. in the sceen of the card the man has to choos between a woman of virtue and a woman of ill virtue. i spent ages trying to figure out which was which. then finaly it struck me...

thanks so much for your coments!