just made runes!..


Hi Alleira,
I've never read any of Ralph Blums books but I've heard of them, I like to use a book By Andy Baggott, it seems to deal with the more spiritual side of rune reading - My interest in the Tarot started when I was 15, many years ago, but I was really too young and soon went back to playing card reading - My poor 1JJ Swiss deck had sat on a shelf for all these years and now been replaced with the Original R/W lol . I'm really getting back into the tarot mainly due to these forums :)


Ralph Blum's book on runes has a mix of Runic interpretations and a bit of eastern philosophy. One could go either way- divination or spiritual. He's very gentle; which was nice when I first started out. A friendly face so to speak. I'm interested in seeing what Andy Baggott has to say *grin* I haven't actually heard of him, but I'm still interested. I'm going to have to scour Amazon.Com now. :eek:)



A friend made my mate a set of runes out of that plastic clay you bake. She also HANDWROTE out the entire book to go with it!