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To be entirely honest, and this is only my opinion, but I think as far as the borders go - less is more. You don't want to take anything away from the central image and the details in the card. I think the minamalist approach to borders is best because when a deck is printed the iamge is relatively small and the borders take up so much space. (eg Sacred Circle tarot) But that is just my personal preferences...



Kayne - I'm actually glad to read what you just wrote. At first I hadn't intended on putting on a border at all, but then DH walked by and made some smart-alecky comment about pushing my artistic and computer skills by creating a border for each suit and the major arcana. The gauntlet has been thrown and I'm not one to back away from a challenge. :D

This border is by no means set in stone, (which is a good thing, as I'm not overly fond of it). I agree that less is more, and yet on the other hand, I think a border would be a nice unifying theme for the deck. The problem is dancing that fine line between aesthetics and artistic vision. I think, in the end, I will have a border for the cards. I'd like to include a placard (or whatever it's called) with the name of each card. I personally don't like words hovering in space and a placard with matching border would anchor the name of the card nicely.

But then again, I'm just bumbling around in the dark and making it all up as I go along. :)



I really like your cards, it fits my artistic taste and would probably buy your deck if you ever publish it :)

As for people, why not get some of your friends together and make them pose for picture that you can digitally manipulate with Photoshop or whatnot, cant get more realistic than real :)

As for your borders, they look ok but Im with kayne on the less is more. Also the kind of scallopy pattern on the edge instead of a straight line kind of cuts into the cards a little to much for my taste.

I bet your deck would look great without borders tho, itd feel like you were in the card since they are so 3d.




Hey, Feralfey!

You're a real pro at digital 3D!

I Find your images quite beautiful, but you should really watch it taking liberties with your symbols.

You placed the ace of cups in what appears to be a desert--a symbol of infertility and famine, and therefore death--whereas the set of cups represents the element of water-- always a symbol for life, fecundity, plenty and wealth.

My advice is for you to do what I did when I began creating my own TAROT deck. I bought several decks with books included that explain the TAROT card by card, and as I began designing each card I would find out what was the meaning of each and use symbols that would reveal that meaning.

One cannot arbitrarily use any kind of imagery on TAROT cards just because it looks pretty. the symbols must speak universally under the traditional language of TAROT, even if the symbols are not traditional themselves.

First find out what each card means, and then, use symbols that will bring out that particular meaning


Migueldart - I appreciate your input and your perspective. I realize that art is a subjective thing, and I'm not always going to please everyone all of the time. I do, in fact, own a half dozen or so books on Tarot symbolism and have spent a good number of hours pouring over them before I create a card. I did not arbitrarily create the Ace of Cups merely because I thought it looked pleasing. I like to think that I put some thought and effort into what I was doing.

I, however, see your point about the landscape looking a bit "too" infertile. What I was going for was to illustrate that the Ace signifies the beginning of a cycle - that which follows a fallow period. I further reinforced the concept of that cycle progression by using the infinity symbol within the cup itself.

I am aware that Cups signify the element of water and is the realm of emotions and the subconscious as well as meaning fecundity. I used other symbols to try and illustrate these aspects. The liquid being poured into the cup and splashing over into the landscape to indicate the divine spark that flows into us all and allows us to be creative. I also use the acorn as a symbol of fertility. The newly emerging grass does the same thing, but granted I probably could use more blades in the card. The rainbow, which in nature can not exist without water being present, represents our hopes and aspirations that motivate us at the beginning of any psychological journey. There are other symbols within the card that I think more than sufficiently cover any overt or subliminal meaning of the Ace of Cups.

I'm flattered that you consider me a pro at computer graphics. All those hours teaching myself the programs were not in vain. :) And thanks again for your perspective.



thanx 4 ur reply

All the other symbols you used in the ace of cups were perfect, but the desert background was so dominant , it overwhelmed them to the point where that was what I noticed at first 'read'.

I handled the design of my ace of cups quite differently. I placed my cup in a swampy looking pond (I'm Scorpio) and with blood (the water of life) splashiing out of it. I am debating wether to insert the image of a nude woman (representing the Mother Goddess) bathing in it.

Having worked as a photographer before changing careers to graphic design, I am creating my TAROT deck as surealistic photo-montages using photoshop in a Mac.

I would love to show you some of my card designs, even though they are in different stages of completion, and none are finish. To do that I must ask you to tell me how you attached your jpeg? images into this thread. I would definitely be most gratetful, not just for your input as an artist, but also everybody else's in the Aeclectic forum.

Keep up your beautiful work!


Migueldart - I like the idea of the nude woman bathing in the ace of cups. And I'd be very interested in seeing your work. To post a jpg is EASY. And I'm not just saying that because I've done it before. :D

When you go to post a response or start a new thread, you come to the screen that allows you to type your message. Two fields down from where you do the typing is a section called "Attach file". If you're one of those clever people who already know the file location with having to browse for it, you type it in the space provided. If you're like me, you have to stumble your way through your computer files and that's where the "Choose" button comes in handy. It allows you to browse through until you find the file you want to upload. Follow the simple instructions and Voila! you're there. You shouldn't have too much trouble with it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and viewing your work.



I did the Ace of Cups (as well as the Queen of Swords) for the FACT project that can be viewed elsewhere on the site

Mine has a man meditating on the beach, holding the cup aloft through his own will, a fountain flows straight up from the cup and floating down to the fountain a butterfly and a dove carry a circle and cross symbol. All the explanation and it can be seen here




mgueldart's surprise goody

Hi, Feralfey!

After I posted into your thread, I went to the 'NEW MEMBERS' forum to introduce myself to the rest of the Aeclectic community and found out how easy it really is to attach a jpeg to my posts. Neverthe less, I thank you very much for your help.

My 'New Members ' thread is titled "HI, NEW TO THE FORUM, BUT NOT TO AECLECTIC" and you will find there my image of the ace of cups. So far I've gotten nothing but the best response from the people welcoming me who've seen it.
Tell me what you think, please.

I will goodby this post by attaching the image of the STAR card, which is almost finished. All it's lacking are the 2 streams of water spilling from the vases held aloft by the magic power of the Mother goddess. I hope you like it.


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It's wonderful to read that what you started your project believing has grown and changed into a deeper, more personal journey.

How many of the cards have you completed so far?

:T5P Starfish