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FeralFey's 2 of Cups

Feral Fey -

Your Two of Cups :T2C is wonderful! It represents the 2 of Cups :T2C so perfectly and the card seems to emote intimacy (which I associate with the 2). In fact, it would make a lovely piece of framed art. I can almost feel like I'm in the picture. I just love it and look forward to you sharing more of your artwork.

Blessings -

:T5P Starfish


Hi, Starfish!

Thanx for your encouragement!

So far, I have Started 9 cards. Some are more completed than others, but none of them are finished yet.

90% of my time is taken up by searching for the right kind of images (I have thousands of color slides, plus over a hundred royalty-free photo cd's) and then I have to erase unwanted portions of the backgrounds very carefully. Sometimes I spend a whole day just cleaning up and optimizing an image. It's very painstaking work, but also very therapeutic. The whole time as I do this, without actually meaning to, I meditate on what the image means as I am going to use it in what card, many times stopping to check with my different Tarot manuals the meaning of the card and how well the image I'm working on will fit into it.

Once I have most of the images for a particular card, I montage the images together in independent layers and keep them so, waiting till I come accross the one or two I'm still lacking to finish the card. This usually takes me less than half an hour to do.

I'll leave you with another unfinished goodie to look at.

Love and Peace.


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Wow, I like your tower.

90% of my time is taken up by searching for the right kind of images (I have thousands of color slides, plus over a hundred royalty-free photo cd's)
I know exactly what you mean. I design and build website and it's time cosuming tasks.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your deck when they are ready :)

With love



Thanx for complimenting my art.

Having such wonderful reception from all of you people who really know best abot Tarot, not only makes me feel very up and confident about my Tarot project, but makes me want to go at it 24-7 till the whole deck is finished.

Thanx for your encouragement!

Love and Peace,




Thanks for your compliment on my Two of Cups. I'm so glad that I was able to get the whole intimacy thing across in the card. I wasn't sure if I had got it right or not. I mean, I put in it what would speak to ME as an intimate setting, but that doesn't necessarily mean the same thing for other people. Sometimes it's a fine line to balance between finding a personal meaning and finding a universal image so that (maybe possibly somewhere down the road) other people can find the same (or similar) meanings from the card. I'm having this very problem with my Three of Cups card. Maybe something will come to me in a dream or a flash of brilliance and I can get the card done. :)



FeralFey, post more I'd love to see what else you have. I didn't read the other posts in depth, but a word... the 2 of cups was a bit dark to see online, if it's that dark in person you may want to brighten it a bit (no reader wants eye strain) But i think you did a good job with simple symbolism and the artistic value is right there, they're lovely