Justice Spread


Justice is my soul card, and boy to be truthful I find it really accurate in my day to day life. I'm constantly plagued by the idea of if what I'm doing is just, or fair, and I get a lot of mental anguish asking myself if I am doing the right thing. So, I created this spread to really help myself look at a situation and make sure I'm on the justice pathway.

~~~~ 4.~~~~
~ 2. ~~~ 3. ~
~~~~ 1. ~~~~

1. What am I doing at present?

2. Why this might be just

3. Why it might not be just

4. Final verdict: Is this right or wrong?


Thanks for sharing this. As a Libra, issues of justice and balance come up often, so it will be interesting to see if I can get clarity on a few issues by using this spread.