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Michael Magick

I am not sure if this is the right place for this type of reading deck as I am more of a lurker then a poster here.

a friend of mine told me about a reading system awhile ago that was fresh and unique. it was way different from the normal reading tools I have seen. he has now created a deck to use as an add on for it. this deck is based off the old midway carney fortune teller machines. the reading system was called Kader so the new deck is Kader deck.

though you guys might like to check it out as it steps away from the normal look of tarot so you can use it for readings without the "yer da devil boy!" comments you get when reading in the bible belt lol. have fun!



Very interesting deck, I backed it. :D

Michael Magick

yes it is. CHris will be putting out a new book to go with it so that the whole system is expanded.


yes it is. CHris will be putting out a new book to go with it so that the whole system is expanded.

Very interesting. Will this be a backer reward or available separately?


I'm not sure I understand the description. Is Kader a carnie system? Is this based on an older fortune telling system? Or is the illustration inspired by carnie art? I'd like to know where the reading system comes from.


Love it! Plan to back it.:)


Really like the look of these - will be backing. :)

Michael Magick

these are based of the old carney machines <zoltar and kader and a few others> the initial deck is being printed if the kickstarted funds if it does then they will maintain the printing through sales if it does not fund then we lose a really cool reading tool that will give fun visuals to our readings.

for me these nostalgic items have a real draw to them. the older people that come to me for a reading will know right away who these are. it will give them a fond smile. I really do hope these fund.

Michael Magick

ok so I talked to the artist and asked him some questions about where these are going. his reply was that he is working on a book to add to the deck in a couple months and that until then they will work for fortune cookie type routines or as a deck of cards for standard readings but that the system he will put out will be a lot deeper here is some of what he had to say in reguards to the court cards.


"Let us start off by looking at one of the court cards.

Each court card represents a particular sort of person. You, and everyone you know will be found in the 12 court cards.

The system for this goes way back into the depths of time. The idea of categorizing people into 'psychological types' was old in classical Greece, yet via Jungian psychology and the Myers-Briggs personality test, is still used today. So although these cards are presented as light hearted fun - you can begin to see that there is some real depth behind the system, for those who seek it out.

You will see that there are two comments down the side columns of each card - the first one summarizes the positive aspects of that person and the second one summarizes the negative aspects. You don't get one without the other!

So you can find 'your' card and the card of particular friends, family members, famous folk and so forth.
That is a VERY simple introduction. It all gets a whole lot more complex and subtle than that, as really we are a complex mix of all of these traits at different times. So the cards represent different aspects of our personalities, our dominant character traits, potentials as well as telling us about aspects of our personalities that hold us back.
From this, you can probably see some of the innocent (or not so innocent) fun you can have with the cards. Magicians and Readers will begin to see their deeper potential!

So one of the court cards will be the 'best fit' to our personality and a lot of harmless fun can be had just figuring out which is 'your card' and allocating cards for those you know and meet.
However, we are a complex mix of all of these traits. So sometimes we can be as dreamy and intuitive as one of the queen court cards. On other occasions, we may need to roll our sleeves up and 'get the job done' (like the chap depicted here).

So we can randomly draw a card and still recognise ourselves in the descriptions.

Maybe the spirit of the cards (or 'the Kadri') are telling us who we need to become, or what underused character trait would be useful to us in the current circumstance.

Also, each court card has it's opposite - so by knowing which card closest represents you, you can also meditate on your 'shadow self' - the traits that are undeveloped and hidden (or rejected) - knowing these, developing them and integrating them into you total self is the goal of life!

Woops, went too deep too quick there..... coming back up for air!

The Court cards also represent different people who you have meet, meeting now or will be meeting. These people are always important. The cards tell you in what way.

So, although you can use these cards as a simple bit of fun (why not? fun is a good positive thing!) - I hope you can begin to see that there are layers and layers of depth below the innocent exterior of the cards.

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Thanks for all the info. I have backed it.