Kayne&#39s Celtic Tarot - Update


In an effort to get inspired to continue my deck I redesigned my site for it... I also tried to make it a bit quicker... don't know if it really is... If you're interested - check it out!


(You might even want to sign the guestbook while you are there :p )


Oh - BTW... if you find any problems with the site let me know... :)

Major Tom

Looking good Kayne!

I do hope you find the inspiration to complete the deck. }>


Kayne, I Love your tarot deck and hope to see it published! I went to your site , it loaded kind-of slow. But then these boards are loading really slow for me today also. I signed the guestbook but my entry doesn't seem to be showing up, maybe it's delayed? Oh well , if it doesn't show up I guess I can go back and try again. Are you going to name your deck "celtic tarot" , do you know how many decks are out there already named that?! I guess "Kayne's Celtic Tarot " would be better. Also at your site , the little links at bottom of pages , pinkish purple on red , I had a heck of a time reading them! P.S. I Love the backrounds on all your sites!


Kayne: it IS faster now!
Last time I checked it, I spent quite a bit of time through the cards... :)
I really like your drawings... but there is something I want to know: if you ever found someone to publish them (I dunno if you have already *lol* ;) ) would you keep the cards as they are now?
(I ask because I really like them, and I think I might buy them... but I'd like them even better if they looked a bit more stylized - I can't do without it! :D )


Kayne I really like your deck (and the background of your site). I did have a hard time trying to read the intro though. The cards are wonderful, very bright colors. ~Sighs~ I always wished I could draw. I hope you do find the inspiration to finish your deck and a publisher. As for the style of the cards, ~looks at Pollux and giggles~ I think Pollux needs some variety and you should leave them as you created them.

Love & Light,


Kayne, great job! I love the bright colors! I definitely want one when you finish!! :*

Now Jewel,
The comments Pollux made were very nice and honest. That's what the forum's all about. Just cause I think Kayne's cards are fine the way they are, doesn't mean Pollux isn't entitled to her/his (oops??) opinion. LOL
Actually Pollux I'm sure Kayne appreciates the feedback.


Thankyou for the encouraging words :) I do appreciate the feedback - thankyou! Pollux, you might be able to relate more to the deck I have been working on more recently... it is a more sophisticated style of illustration (like the ones I submitted for the FACT deck, sort of...) combining pen illustration, photography and computer illustration.

Does the writing on my site turn out black like it is suppose to? The only colours that should be there are red, green and black (besides the cards of course...) I am not sure what you mean by purple on red purplelady?

oh, btw - I have to approve the entry in the GuestBook before they appear ~ They will be there now :)


Hmm... I'm happy you appreciated my opinion.
Yet, I do like your deck, man! I'd love to have some of your cards as a poster on my bed! Especially the Wheel and the World, they're awesome! :)

I really like your King of Wands. Maybe the deck you are designing might be the PERFECT DECK for me, who knows! :) Sure, if the media and technique used is the same as your FACT card, I will adore it.

Let us in on it, if you manage to publish your decks!
(Among all the Celtic Decks, I only like Tarocchi Celtici - already got it! - and Celtic Dragon - unsure about buying it; Celtic Wisdom and the orhers I dislike: your Celtic Tarot is the best for me out there, sure it is!!! :) )