Kiama?s tarot story - ready to read !!!!!!!


I couldn?t get the darn html to work :( how do you guys do ?? my tags says off nomatter what I do .....
Anyway, no problem without a solution .... so I put it on my homepage, the link should be big enough to catch :D


I thoroughly enjoyed this and cant wait to see more.


*Kiama does really happy dance round computer, singing...*

THANKYOU BEC! THANKYOU! I'll be typing out the second chapter soon.



I'm already hooked, Kiama! :D Great job!

I particularly liked the line about -how- Finn's throat constricts... ;) ...a little tarot deck humor there? :D

Can't wait to read the rest! (But don't let me make you feel rushed, though! Take your time...)




whoaaaa :-o ... i love what you wrote Kiama! :cool:
I can't wait to read the rest toooo! ;D


Second chapter ready !!!!


Like it! Very cool! Keep going!


Woah there, Tarotbear! He he... I'm being swept along with a tide here.... And that's good! It may be a while before I get the third chapter done... I've got tons of homework, coursework, applications to university, revision, etc.... But I'll make some time, hopefully tonight to do some of the third chapter.

I'm glad you all like what I've written so far. ANyone got any constructive criticism? Can I improve what I have written in any way? Go on, rip my work apart... In a good way!



Now that one made my skin crawl - great way of interpret the magician - theshadow, face it and be whole :) yes very good.

Tare your work apart? well kiama, I quess you?ll have to do less for us to do that :D and since I don?t think you?ll do that, you?ll just have to accept that you?re doing some superb work here :)
(danish irony ;D )

Keep it coming, can?t wait to read more !!!

ps: you?re welcome, it should be me saying thanx, you sharing this with all of us !!!



I love the story..can't wait for chapter 3..

Are you going to publish this?

Can I share it with my non computer friends?

Let me know