Kinda random... question...


Okay, my faeries have had me busy doing all kinds of creative stuff since I've brought them home. I've been working on a workbook for myself because well.. I wanted one and there isn't one (that I could find anyhow) and I'm the kind of person that likes to fill in the spaces and fill up a workbook. You know, do something with the information. Anyway....

I'm trying to make up little puzzles to help me learn more about the faeries' stories while playing. Among other things I have a crossword puzzle, a name unscramble, a match up but now I'm stuck. I wanted to do one 'game' for each section of faeries and I need two more. (Help Line Troupe and the Challengers) I thought of a word find, but that wouldn't really help me to learn more about them. I guess my brain is stuck. Maybe this is where friendly cooperation comes in. (The Friends) ;)

Sooooo if anyone has an idea of a type of game or something I might be able to use, I would love to hear it.

Thanks! :D


Thank you Dead Star for responding and thanks for the link. :D