King of Swords


Robin's "King of Swords" appears just like I would have pictured him looking...feet firmly planted in the ground, legs akimbo, arms crossed firmly on his chest, face stern, body strong, and pictured on a desolate, windswept's no wonder Robin's keyword for this card is, "The Boss!"

I really like how Robin prefaces a new suit, in this case swords, with a few paragraphs discussing the nature of that particular suit. Firstly, it's important to note that the Robin Wood deck places swords under the element of air (not fire, as in some other decks.) She's chosen to do so because, " air cards, they have all the magical attributes of air. In other words, they also correspond to knowledge, which often cuts two ways." Robin continues, "...remember that knowledge doesn't necessarily contain wisdom... Knowledge that isn't tempered with wisdom can be pretty dangerous stuff." Robin also says that, "Swords usually stand for pretty serious stuff; trouble, strife, courage, authority, health, etc. ...and also deal with sacrifice, redemption and transformation." THANK YOU Robin for explaining swords so clearly!

As for the King of Swords, I get the definite feeling this guy doesn't put up with baloney of any kind. He also doesn't seem to be one who is going to change his mind about something any time soon. On one hand, you'd know where you stand with this fella, but on the other hand, he seems rather harsh and unmoveable...perhaps not one to admit he's sorry or wrong about something...too much pride for that. That said, he doesn't seem to be someone who would act before he thought things out thoroughly. Impulsiveness or being overly emotional doesn't appear to be part of his make-up...he would pride himself on not acting rash or unfair (at least to his own thinking.) If one was under siege of any kind, this guy wouldn't be a bad guy to have in your corner...he'd surely fight valiently and wishy-washy man here, that's for sure.

Since court cards often represent to me an actual person (gender and age not necessarily that depicted on the card), if the King of Swords came up in a reading I'd consider carefully the qualities above and any other qualities about him that might come to me at the time. Perhaps the King could be the querent themselves or someone in the querent's life. Perhaps someone is standing firmly and won't budge on a subject...not a bad thing to know if you thought there might be some wiggle room with that person. Of course, maybe someone is standing TOO firmly on a topic and needs to loosen up for their own good (ie.maybe you have to explain something to such a person in a different, perhaps creative, way...until they *see the light*). Or how about...someone NEEDS to take a stronger stand? All these scenarios and more are possible with a card like this, depending on the question asked, the spread and where the card falls within that spread.

I'm liking court cards more and more (rather than wanting to pretend they don't exist like I did in my early readings...ha!)