Kitchen Witch Deck


I'm interested in creating a kitchen witch deck with pips as brooms, pots, food, candles. I've read the back archives about going slow and using the computer for collage. I would like to do a multicultural deck where not everyone is white. Any ideas for the major arcana? Two I had were have a backpacker for the fool with a trickster for the head & have either a chef or an herbalist for the magician. What do you think?



that sounds like a really good idea. the chef as the magician sounds perfect!! you could have real fun with this one - fruity lovers, a volumptious empress, the devil could be liquer?


that a rather fun project you have there. :) good luck. it reminds me of what i did with my magician card in the vanessa tarot ( ) there. why not explore other media as well? :)


I love the idea of a kitchen witch Tarot!! What a terrific idea -- it really is spot-on! I hope you can follow through on this, because I'd love to see it. And since there are 'kitchen witches' in every culture, this really can be a multicultural deck without being patronizing or arbitrary. Please keep us up on your progress, or maintain a website for the work. I think this is very promising.


Kitchen Witch eh? Sounds appetizing!

brooms - like this!

pots - or perhaps cauldrons?

food - cool, but perhaps entrees? nosh? feasts?

I don't suppose a "Moon Pie" would make a good moon eh? <g>

candles - great!

I dunno. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Blessings of the day,

Brad })


ok cauldrons it is & instead of food, how about produce? I'm thinking of taking some digital photos cause that seems to be the only way I could exactly what I want. How did you get your models for your decks?



hI, my 2


Hi, how about:


Pots(Cauldrens..all differnt types)/Pans ( (Cake pan, baking dishs..baking things..flatter the flat wood some people bake pizza on)..- water


and Herbs..dried hanging, growing...- earth

these are kitchen witch things...

Please include recipies...and make sure we get to see some of the pix..PLEASE..

Blessings and good luck



brooms- air because it is used to clear out your space & to create a circle

cauldrons/pots- water that's an easy one

produce - earth because that is where it is from

candles- fire becuase that it what is lit with

I'm also thinking for the court cards daughters, sons, mothers, fathers.



oh yes! i love the idea for the court cards - daughters, sons, mothers, fathers.

much easyier to relate to than royals. nice


Soooo........that lazy susan spice rack would be the 'Wheel of Fortune'?