knave of chalices


The Fey is the only deck I am reading with right now. I have seen the Knave of Chalices come up a few times lately. I have more trouble interpreting Court Cards (like most :eek:)....

I think this card may be referring to me... which makes it a little harder.

Any opinions on what this card means to you? Thanks!


I decided after posting the question to write a journal entry about the Knave of Chalices. I just let my mind go with it...kind of wrote a small biography..

She is young. she looks wealthy, perhaps pampered.. no signs of of a troubled past.. at least on the outside. her heart may tell a different story. there are what appear to be three small flames around her head... maybe they refer to maiden, mother, crone.. as she is the maiden and that flame burns the brightest. The other two are still part of her, and someday they will take over. she is looking into a bowl of water. we sometimes look into water to see our reflection.. sometimes water is associated with wishing... also with emotion. she feels emotion, but still it can sometimes be childlike.. she is mature, with swings of inmaturity. sometimes she doesn't realize how much she has. she doesn't realize the water in the bowl is full, not empty. she sometimes worries too much - many times over small things, though they are big to her. maybe a little obsessive. her emotions swing at times...without notice.

There is a fish emerging from the pool..The fish symolizes a thought from someplace inside of her someplace she is not yet familiar with.. something she wishes to manifest...

"She looks into the water, hoping to find her true self. She is young but not a child. She does not feel that she has found her true calling. She does not have control over her emotions. In the water she sees her reflection. But who is that face staring back at her? Who is she inside? What does she want? What does she feel?.. A small fish appears. A message from her higher self, her subconscious. She must recongnize the fish and swim with it.. she must follow her subconcious to manifestation. She must check the water often... Still lacking control, the fish may change each day.. With practice, she learns to control the fish and grasp hold of him.. she learns.. she grows.. ."....


I like this Fey-
I get fire energy from the colors an head-dress....and a 'gold'fish. I take this to express the 'internal flame' we all posses for something, and the desire to seek it out. It is about discovering the new.
The fish she gazes at seems to be communicating something to the fey. I see this as some sort of initiation as well, like stepping in to that place between childhood and adulthood. The teen years are very emotional times and the fish is the keeper of the knowledge neccissary to make this transition smooth.

This is one of the fey cards that follow the RWS imaging.


Knave of Cups

I seem to have a different understanding of this card

i see that the Fey is looking into the cup, holding it, with a very very pure heart. She only has one wish, that is to take care of the fish.

The fish has sense her pure loving heart and therefore responded.

In context, I would say that since the person is using her pure heart to do something, she will suceed