Knight of Cups


I've recently started working with this deck again and am curious about some details in the Knight of Cups.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it is on the lead that comes from the horses mouth that the knight is holding (I'm sure there is a technical name for it but I can't think what it is). Anyway, they look to me like a cross between corn cobs and green fish! I know Robin Wood didn't put anything on her cards by accident but unfortunately I don't have the book (yet) so I have no idea.

Not sure if anyone is interested in discussing this card more generally but if so I'll start with my thoughts...

I usually read the Knight of Cups as Pisces (just the way I've always associated the card). So I'd see this card as representing a person who is quite emotional, daydreamy, sensitive, compassionate. I can't help thinking....FROTHY....when I see this card. Like a bit of a warning not to get too tied up in the emotional side of things. I also think of romance because of the pink heart on his cup.

If this card came up in a reading to represent a situation rather than a person I'd say it could represent romance, a romantic encounter, maybe a time of emotional change (indicated by all the bubbles and froth), a time that calls for compassion or maybe a shift in emotions.


knight of cups

the back end of the horse is a fish and the knights shoulder also looks like scales of fish, the colours green and blue, also if you look at the horses hoof it looks like a flipper, there are also 2 rainbow waves which could be a flow of energy maybe its a card of transformation


It is a real sea horse! It was my reaction as I looked more closely to the card. I like the foam-looking mane


The horse is called a hippocampus - It's the horse used by mermen/maids although how they can sit on a horse is beyond me. Lol. I love this card so much - partly because I associate myself with the Knights so much, but specifically the Knight of Cups and Wands. i don't know what else to say lol. I was goin to say meanings for the card but I have nothing new to add.


sapienza said:
I can't help thinking....FROTHY....when I see this card.
I love that...FROTHY!

That piece you're asking about is one of the reins, isn't it? The stuff hanging off of it--on quick glance--looks kind of lacy to me, which would emphasize the frothiness or frilliness of this Knight...lacy, vacuous--more air than substance (like the FROTH!)

This guy follows his heart, not his head, and because of that, tends to see things in an unrealistic way--or maybe over-romanticizes things in his mind. The fact that he shows up in a spread sometimes to augur a romantic encounter (along with the fact that he is a knight, signifying movement), makes me think that (as an aspect) he represents a point of delightful romance, giddiness, idealism--but sometimes more unreal than real--and not something one can hang one's hat on. He may open the door to romance, but you can't stand on that threshhold for too long...because he's a little FROTHY (and needs either to get down and get real, or move along)!!!

(I love FROTHY as a keyword, can you tell?)


This posted twice.


Gushing, rushing, stirred-up water has the potential to translate to gushing, rushing, stirred-up, and even out-of-control, emotions where the "Knight of Cups" is concerned. But in contrast to the swirling sea that surrounds him, the Knight of Cups nonchalantly rides atop a creature that represents for me the things magickal dreams are made of: 1/2 fish; 1/2 horse. A delightful sea-horse fit for a Knight who literally wears his heart on his sleeve! As this friendly-looking Knight makes his way through the water, he holds a heart-embellished cup...the cup of deep passion and romance, moods and feelings, and all that he holds dear...with nary a worry-line etched on his forehead; never agonizing about spilling a drop of what's held inside. In her book, Robin wrote, "...he is perfectly in control of his emotions, and enjoys and understands them. They don't frighten him a bit!" UNLESS the card is reversed...then this Knight could be an explosion of jealousy, mood swings, tantrums and melodrama, depression and self-doubt.

If one has already read and worked with the King of Cups, one can't miss the whole, healthy, sexual "fish" motif in the Knight of Cups. This is a fellow who'll wine and dine you, loving the finer things of life (but not necessarily being able to afford them!) He'll know just the right words you want to hear, uttering them at just the correct moments with the sensitivity of a poet. There's no reason why he can't represent a woman or a man of any age, race, etc. in a reading. Or it could be that his cup-floweth-over qualities are inherently present (or if the card is reversed...lacking) in the querent themself.

When all is going well, the Knight of Cups is as balanced as one could hope him to be. The colors of his clothing, including a lavender tunic, depict his understanding of the feminine side of life. Yet he's adept in handling his "horse-fish" and looks the part of being brave as he wears his helmet and mail (perhaps a bit of a dandy?). His disposition is generally sunny and he seems kindly and pleasant to be around. I'm not sure this would be the Knight I'd call on if I were in any kind of trouble, however. Somehow he doesn't seem to be one who would like to deal with unpleasantness of any kind. There's a certain vulnerability he exudes and something tells me he'd be somewhat useless in a crisis. And I'm not too sure how well he'd handle the sometimes boring, mundane things of life either. I wonder just how real this guy's sense of reality is?

If the Knight of Cups came up in a reading, I might ask the querent how balanced the emotions are of whoever was asked about or represented in the reading, or of the querent themself? I'd look for which direction such emotions might be overly tipped. Is more romance and passion needed? Or is it necessary to be more practical and down-to-earth? Are things out-of-hand? Or are things too complacent? Is it a time for bold forthrightness or is it a time for instrospection? Etc, etc.....


This card to me seems like representing that mad rush feeling when you fall in love, but its temporary and will dissapear fast too, or it could represent a new love.I'm not very sure about it's meaning.I always find court cards very hard to understand and seems like they share almost the same meaning.