Knight of Swords & Ace of Cups as Outcome


Feedback would be great!!

I did a 3 card reading for a friend who recently broke up with someone (he broke up with her). For the future outcome of their relationship she got Knight of Swords. I read this as fast moving, possibly hasty/reckless decisions. I pulled Ace of Cups as clarifier, which is about love and big emotions.
I think this could be interpreted as there is a possibility of a quick, possibly hasty, reconciliation.

I am new to this, so any feedback would be appreciated.



It's hard for me to imagine the Knight of Swords as a reconciliation; it really isn't a kind, considerate, forgive-and-forget sort of energy. What seems more likely is that sharp, even downright nasty words will be released at some point... If this card represents the guy, he may become irritated by emotional entreaties from the ex (Ace of Cups), whether they're direct or indirect, and wind up telling her off... Or if your friend is the Knight, she may grow impatient as the ex avoids partaking in her feelings and desires (Ace of Cups), finally "snapping" at him/whoever else happens to be around... Another possibility is that this guy will swing back for a heartless "hit it and quit it" (Knight of Swords) that leaves her flooded with tears and still longing for love (Ace of Cups).


Indigowaves -
I really appreciate your insight. I like your interpretation of the AoC as the ex and her emotions. I didn't think of that until you said it. I was trying to place the emotions on the sword. I really have difficulty with how the cards can interact with each other.


I was trying to place the emotions on the sword. I really have difficulty with how the cards can interact with each other.
"Clarifier" is sometimes considered a misnomer as they all too easily complicate readings -- diverting attention from the initial card, playing into biases, etc.. There also isn't just one way that they can apply. E.g., if the reader found the preceding card undesirable, even unconsciously, a clarifier may just describe that reaction, or why it happened, or what he/she had been hoping to see, instead... The resulting confusion makes a fair number of us avoid using them altogether; it can be more productive (and educational) to patiently examine/reflect on a card until its message does come across.


Knight of Swords clarified by Ace of Cups reads as two things depending on the other cards drawn. The first is a lot of dissection and discussion over emotions and what existed between the two of them. Knight of Swords, as previously stated, isn't a kind or gentle card, so it's possible the discussions could basically be arguments or very short exchanges that hold back on the feelings.

The second is that it's possible that she or he may end up moving on quickly to pursue a new love (ace of cups). Knight of Swords isn't a card that likes to wallow on things. He wants to keep moving forward, keep progressing and not look back.


Indigowaves, thanks for the suggestion of not using clarifier. will give it a try.

obeygravity, yes the conversations center a great deal around emotions. and yes, I can see him wanting to focus on other situation



The cards to me read there is no future for the relationship as the knight is a swift departure. The clarifier ties it back into the relationship for you and the departure is away from the ace.


Headincloud I can see your point about KoS swift departure in the opposite direction of ace. I appreciate how you pointed out the direction in which the KoS is facing and how that can effect a reading.