Knight Sephiroth's Daily Draws - Zigeuner (Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards)


Inspired by Zhadee's daily draw thread, and in an effort to share my daily practice of drawing cards and recording in my divination journal, I'd like to begin this thread as a method of investigating the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, or Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards printed by Piatnik.

Each day I will pull cards either in the morning to forecast the day, or in the evening to reflect on the day (practicing both is useful for me and I follow my intuition in terms of deciding which method I'll use). I'll share the cards and analysis here. For morning draws, I'll do an initial analysis, then follow up later on with the actual events of the day. For evening draws, I'll share both cards and analysis at once.

Drawing, analyzing and sharing will help me develop a nuanced understanding of this deck (which has already clicked with me) and I hope it will be useful to others using the same deck, or different and related decks.

Edited to add: Feel free to comment if one of my daily draws intrigues you, or stirs up ideas for alternate interpretations!

I may not post every day.


I bought this deck a few weeks ago and even though I find it really intriguing, I haven't been able to figure out how I could do readings on varied subjects with it.
So I will happily follow this thread and I hope to find some understanding and inspiration! :)


Daily Draw 9/24 - Morning

The primary or dominant energies that characterize the day for me:

House - Constancy - Journey

My predictive analysis before the day progresses:

Left hand side (House) is work, career, productivity - I am literally working from home all day on a major project with a looming deadline. I've got a lot to do, but I'm making good time and I'm on track to complete several things that must get done today. The house card has a warm, friendly, comforting feeling, and I take it to mean things will be productive and efficient in matters of work if I stay home as I planned (I canceled the class I was planning to teach this afternoon downtown, in order to stay home and focus on this project--and I did so before I pulled the cards). Home is key. And home means getting a bunch of things done in my home office.

Center (Constancy) - the heart of the day for me - I'm keeping the status quo that has characterized this week; working from home, banging out this project, sticking to the cycles of editing and producing, editing and producing. It's a driving constant. Neutral, but effective and productive. I take this to mean I'm sticking to the flow as it stands, maintaining my current speed, and staying focused on the immediate, ongoing tasks at hand. This definitely speaks to to the project I've got going on and constancy is a good thing here. Staying stable and balanced, moving but predictable.

Right hand side (Journey) is related to personal relationships, love, romance, etc. - interesting. If I'm spending the day sticking to preexisting cycles, focused on work, I am not sure this suggests an actual physical journey, as in going to meet friends or networking, etc. Instead, I wonder if this refers to movement in my personal connections. We'll have to see where this goes later.

Something I can look forward to: (Visit)
Hmmm. I definitely don't want an unexpected visitor today. Too busy, so I wouldn't look forward to that. However, I am waiting on responses and feedback to several business and personal things I've put out there. Perhaps I can look forward to getting results, or a response on an important matter I've been waiting on (there's a batch of communications I've been waiting, and waiting on!).

Edited to update on 9/25:
Looks like my initial analysis was pretty close! I spent the day at home, focused on my work, with very little outside distraction. Things stuck to a predictable cycle, albeit productive, and I worked within pre-existing arrangements and circumstances.

The "visit" that I received was feedback from a business collaborator that I had been waiting on, and had not expected to get in time to finish this other project. Her advice was friendly and helpful and quite useful, actually! I believe this also relates to the "journey" on my personal relationship side for the day. There was definite movement from a previously stagnant friend/business relationship that made good progress through digital communication.


I bought this deck a few weeks ago and even though I find it really intriguing, I haven't been able to figure out how I could do readings on varied subjects with it.
So I will happily follow this thread and I hope to find some understanding and inspiration! :)

That's great! I'm really loving this deck. It clicked with me immediately, but I suspect there are several layers of meaning that are elusive for each card. I'm especially running into trouble with the "money," "small money" and "gift" cards. I'm hoping daily analysis against real life events will help unravel their densities.

I'm looking forward to hearing more of your experiences with these cards! Thanks for following. :)


uh... happy here :)

I really love the Zigeunerkarten, they are chatterboxes and work like a charm. Looking forward to read your insights on them!


uh... happy here :)

I really love the Zigeunerkarten, they are chatterboxes and work like a charm. Looking forward to read your insights on them!

:heart: :) Woot!


Daily draw 9/25/16 - Afternoon

I also updated the 9/24 draw with the results and final interpretation.

House - Love - Widower
(my daily cards/forecast, Left is work, career, productivity, center is the heart of the day, right is love, romance, personal relationships, friends)

Something to look forward to - Thief

House - (work, career, productivity). Wow. I got House yesterday in the same position. LOL. I am still working hard on this massive project, and I'm working from home. So, I see this card indicating I'll likely spend the bulk of the day tied to my work, literally at home, as I try to get things finished. This is a good thing, actually, as leaving the house would delay the completion of my project.

Love (the heart of the day) - awww. Love is the heart of the day, huh? Perhaps love of work, love of self. Love shared with my kitten as I try to get things done. This is so broad in my daily forecast, and I'm not expecting anything with any potential dates, and there's no family around, we'll just have to see where this goes in retrospect. I see this card as a very romantic symbol. Perhaps I'll hear from a potential romantic interest.

Widower - (love, personal relationships, romance, connections) - not much happening here. Nothing new emerging. Perhaps part of the day I will spend putting old heartaches to rest. There certainly are a few lingering, that often color my days. That would actually be good for my love of self.

Something to look forward to - Thief

Now this really throws me! The man on the card is exiting a darkened house with a bag of loot, presumably making a free and clear break for it. Do I get a chance to steal away and restart something that's been lingering? Do I get a great deal on something awesome, that's symbolically a "steal"? Not planning to steal or be stolen from, really. LOL. I am curious how this plays out in a positive sense, as something I can look forward to.

Edited to add:
Next-day analysis of how the cards applied.

My work interpretation was dead-on. I stayed home, continuing existing cycles and working from my home office to get this project done. Didn't leave the house, actually.

Love - as the heart of the day, nothing major happened in terms of any shifts in incoming love, or obvious gestures or dramatic love, but overall it was a pretty stable, positive day. A close friend did get injured, which triggered my caring/love for them as well. So it seemed to characterize the day as "coming out fine" and generally positive, and also about sharing love with friends.

Widower- nothing new developed in my love life, or personal life, instead it was just dead and possibly, as always reflecting on recent relationships that did not work. These ruminations were neutral, unemotional and not symptomatic of loss or wistfulness, so they were more reverent and reflective--like the man on the card considering the past silently. Also, a close friend of mine was suddenly injured on the job, and as this card rules all of my personal relationships for the day, I was at first very worried for them and got swept up in the emergency. It turned out they were okay, however, and everything was actually fine.

The something to look forward to card still confuses me. I can't figure out what it meant. If any of you have any insight, please feel free to share.


Added the analysis for 9/25 (Sunday) to the previous post.

This was for 9/26 (Monday)

Officer - Money - Message
(same format as usual, work/career/productivity - heart of the day/energies - love/romance/personal connections)

something to look forward to: desire

base - journey

I pulled the cards in the morning, but was too busy to post the analysis here beforehand. So, I analyzed them at the time, then re-assessed the analysis last night.

Here is the result:

I spent the day running around (Journey), taking care of errands and time-sensitive stuff related to this major business project that's coming up on its deadline.

Officer - on the career/work/productivity side, this shows how my day was tied up in getting things officially and properly taken care of. I had to purchase several important things, file some paperwork and pick up materials for shipping stuff for this project later in the week. It was productive and restricted to a very carefully calculated to-do list and timeline, so it was characterized by efficiency, with things completely properly and in the right amount of time. There were no interactions with actual officers or officials, just serious task completion on major business projects.

Money - makes sense! I had to spend a bunch yesterday to get things done--things needed to be purchased for shipping, stuff needed to be printed and prepped, etc. Yesterday was about money going out, but it seems important to mention that it was money that was already budgeted for this project--so it was not related to sudden, emergency or unexpected expenses. It was portioned money waiting (in the chest) to be spent on very official business.

Message - on my love/romance/personal side. My friend who was potentially injured the day before went for a follow-up and was fine, so that was a good message. Otherwise, no other incoming messages from love interests or friends beyond the usual texts.

Something to look forward to - Desire - this was interesting! I did a little window shopping online while taking a break, for things I can't afford right now, but would someday like. I sometimes do this to relax. I also picked up a skirt I'd been wanting, which was on sale. These are very literal, physical examples of manifested "desire," or desire as want of things. There were no other forms of desire that day, really.


Today's cards, 9/27/16
Edited on 9/28 to update the analysis after the day's completion

(same format as usual, work/career/productivity - heart of the day/energies - love/romance/personal connections)

Anger - Officer - Fortune
Something to look forward to - desire
Base of the deck - message

Anger - on the work/career/productivity, this could indicate frustration or anger at problematic resolutions (or lack of resolutions) on project tasks today. I will try to keep a positive attitude and I will face anything that arises that's out of my control with a cool head, knowing it could flare easily into anger today. I take this card as a warning that there's a potential tinderbox reaction, as the deadline for shipping is today and things need to go smoothly.

Boy, oh boy. I understand this card even more now. I started the day out with a few minor foul-ups, caused by irritating intrusions outside my control. I felt good about myself remembering the Anger card and tempering my growing frustration as things kinda went haywire in the morning. Everything was good and I thought, cool! I've managed and conquered this negativity and the card was helpful.

That was before my family member arrived to help me with the big bulk of shipping artwork for this project, which had a deadline yesterday. He was in a *really* foul mood and was lashing out at me every chance he got. At first I thought he was pissed that he actually had to help (he had cheerily volunteered to help several weeks earlier), and it led me to feel frustrated and regretful about having asked. Then I realized, after several hours of clue-gathering, that he was transferring anger from his own work (they were making him come in 6 days in a row and he'd just gotten off a bad day to come help). Well, every little thing was magnified into a complicated, stressful and unnecessarily trying interaction, including his insistence on micromanaging my process, work and shipping. I tried hard to keep a pleasant, friendly, level head, but it was horrible. He'd agreed (volunteered) to also help Wed. and Thurs., but it was such an awful experience (he was even trying to pick fights in public, too!) that I told him I had everything covered and I'll find another way to get these things done. Ugh. I did remind myself it wasn't personal, and he was just venting his own work-related frustrations.

Anyway, what I learned about the card was that, interestingly enough, the source of the anger was from both tasks related to my work/career and anger-inducing situations at his place of work. Anger, of course, was situated on the work/career/productivity side of the daily draw, so anger, frustration, a sense of feeling bombarded, out of control and nit-picked, and a cruel, dismissive, combative and negative energy colored my workday, and lingered well after the business tasks were done. It also marked regret and difficulties in communicating and being understood. It's more than anger, for sure, but anger is nice umbrella term for it.

Officer - heart of the day/energies - I feel this card will carry the Officer energies from yesterday. It's not a free-spirited tumble, but a focused, serious and targeted day devoted to "official" business. Since things went effectively, as long as I stuck to my targeted list, yesterday, I hope things will be successful today.

In spite of the teeth-pulling, hair-ripping headache present in Anger, things got done. The day was still focused on official business, getting things taken care of properly, and completing tasks in a professional manner. As such, I powered through the worst of it and managed to get everything shipped and my daily task list completed. Officer definitely indicates a level of professionalism, a focus on the necessary and official, and proper completion or execution of ideas and tasks.

Fortune - love/romance/personal connections. I'm guessing this indicates no problems or drama from friends, personal networks or potential love interests today. Perhaps something lucky even enters the picture, but I'm not expecting anything in particular. I should also note, my cat jumped on the table and when I pulled her down, she scratched the fortune card with her rear claws, leaving two light marks on the surface. I hope this doesn't affect shuffling or frequency.

Hmmm. Having trouble here. My interpersonal relationships yesterday were certainly screwed and I had no contact with potential love interests or friends, other than a couple of texts with a non-romantic friend. Maybe I was simply fortunate that more people weren't in a sh*tty mood. LOL. Perhaps the fortune was at work behind the scenes, but that seems a convenient method to explain away a confusing card.

Something to look forward to - I must say, I don't really look forward to desire, or desirous thoughts, so I'm betting this relates to a sense of happy relaxation from my de-stress virtual window shopping. We'll see.

Well, at the end of the day I sure was desiring other methods of finishing the rest of this massive project, and I desire not to use my family member again for the help. LOL. So. Y'know.

Base of the deck as message indicates communication will be paramount today, possibly making or breaking the other elements.

This was accurate, as communication or message failure was definitely the order of the anger-filled day. I felt constantly misunderstood and it took me forever to unravel why my family member was actually so pissed off, only to discover it wasn't at me, but they were taking it out on me. I still felt frustrated by not hearing news from several business applications I've sent out--and this factored into my reflection at the end of the day.


Added the day after analysis to yesterday's reading.

Today's cards 9/28/16
Updated 9/29/19 with my day-after analysis.

(same format as usual, work/career/productivity - heart of the day/energies - love/romance/personal connections)

Malady - Love - Journey
Something to look forward to - hope
Base of the deck - baby

Work/Career/Productivity (Malady)
Well, after yesterday's stressful fiasco and my decision to look for other assistance with my project for today and tomorrow, I suspect malady does not indicate physical or actual sickness, but rather a slowing down, an inefficiency and "stricken" productivity. I have a feeling things will be sluggish and I'll get less done today, because my decision to cut my helper will reduce how quickly I can accomplish today's task list.

Things did indeed go more slowly today. I didn't get a lot done with my actual projects, but there were softer deadlines that could be pushed until tomorrow. Some of this was from pure logistics. So, I would say movement in my work was more sluggish, but not negative. Things simply got delayed by both inside and outside influences.

Heart of the Day/Energies (Love)
Well, the difference between Anger as and influence and Love as an influence in previous readings is pretty dramatic. Love, so far, hasn't meant joyful, fabulous, soul-enriching experience. It's simply indicated a period of stable, stress-free calm. Here's to hoping today is at least quieter and more centered than yesterday. I don't expect hearts and roses, but a lack of waves would be fantastic.

Much more pleasant day than yesterday, with a few positive and unexpected turns. The family member that had been so difficult yesterday came around to apologize in their own way (they are not openly apologetic) and we got some other things done related to the business trip coming up, so a few things got done ahead of schedule even if the main body of work got delayed. It was fairly pleasant and we smoothed things over.

Love/Romance/Personal Connections (Journey)
Could mean physical movement with friends today, or movement into a calmer interpersonal space. We'll see.

Ran around town literally with family member, after reconciling from the day before. So, physical journey in a positive way.

Something to look forward to (Hope)
There is a certain emptiness here, as hope is the concentration or projection of positive resolution--but I'll take it. Right now I could use it. There are lots of things, at all levels of my life, I feel I'm yearning for and needing. Perhaps a tempered hope can be helpful, rather than a wistful internal dialogue.

I managed to find a few things I was actually hoping to find for this trip, without having to order them online last minute. Things were looking up with the interpersonal dispute I'd had yesterday and I felt a burgeoning hope that things were going to go more smoothly yesterday and the rest of the week. A sense of everything will be okay.

Base of the deck (Baby)
I like that the overall tone of the day is a fresh, new, emergent energy (tinted with hope). The baby is a precious beginning, rife with new potential and unclouded judgement. The baby sees and receives, learns and expands. Here's to hoping entry into the new will be the flavor of the day.

About to move into a new phase of this project, otherwise didn't see anything new in particular besides breaking new ground with the person I argued with yesterday.