This can be as simple or complex as you like, and can use 8 cards, 12 cards - or even 18 cards. Was given to me by Steve Polsz back in 2009 when we were both working on the Tarot of Innocence tarot deck. (Since completed by myself).

First up the layout of the 'stations' you use.

Station 1 = station of the Emperor - What you DO.

Station 2 = station of the High Priestess - what you FEEL.

Station 3 = station of the Hierophant - what you KNOW.

Station 4 = station of the Empress - what you HAVE.

Layout looks like this: (Also see word doc attachment)





Use 2 cards for each station and read as you would normally.


When laying out the above cards for each station, include another for each area left face down. You can then read this as the something that is missing from that station, or something that is needed for that station. E.g, area of Emperor could be something you are not doing, or something you need to do. For the area of Hierophant, could be something you don't know but need to know.


Lay another card between each station linking them all. (Requires a total of 6 cards for this).

This card can be read as the bridging card that links the two areas.
** Link between doing / feeling
** Link between doing / knowing
** Link between doing / having
** Link between feeling / knowing
** Link between knowing / having
** Link between having and feeling

Simple in theory, but can be as deep as you want it to be.
Sometimes you only need the first part.
Sometimes it is useful to add the 2nd option. And if you want to have a long reading, using 18 cards, but only 4 positions? Use the 2nd option also :)

I may be offering this in the reading section at some stage, once the coloured version of my deck has arrived from the printers.

If anyone tries this though, I will be interested to hear how it goes.

The primary colours emit from the station of the Emperor to the other stations. The bridging colours are the amalgamation of the two.
So, if you have red leading to HP, and blue leading to Empress, the link colour between the HP and Empress is shown as purple.


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