Last Original Tarot Spreads You Created

hermina winston

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying yourselves today.

I was wondering when you last found it necessary to create a tarot spread of your own, and if you would be willing to share.

I have had a very difficult time finding spreads that suit my needs. There seem to be plenty of spreads for querents who desire insight into romantic endeavors, plenty of generic ones too, but it can be difficult to find spreads that offer insight into other areas of one's life.

Share as much (or as little) as you want.


I make spreads for entertainment, usually lyrics based, and mroe introspective than anything.


I mostly do three carders, designed to fit my immediate query.

The budget default is freaking me out so this afternoon I formulated one to help me deal with that. It was interesting!


I usually make up spreads to suit the querent's needs if I can't find one here or don't know one already. Its easy to kind of start with one main "question" and then add cards to support the different aspects until you see fit.

Glass Owl

I love making spreads! I have created some relationship spreads but I really like making ones for other aspects of life, including self-improvement and introspection. I also like making spreads based on my other interests, such as tv shows.

I have a spread index here.



Well, about a week ago, a friend of mine came up with the idea to lay the great arcana like the Lenormand.
As there are less cards, we made 3 rows of 6 cards
and the last one with 4 put in the middle.

The main card you start reading from is the Fool

Another friend got the idea to check the cards - like Lenormand - with houses, number 1 being the house of the magician and so on.
The fool is the last house, as that way you get an idea about the step "ahead" of the spread.

We call this spread: The World of the Fool