Learning the cards


In trying to learn the cards, I am "playing" with them by asking different questions and using different spreads. Sometimes, I record the cards to review in the future and sometimes I don't like what they say ;p and go on to another question and spread.

Should I pay any attention to these "play" readings? Is there some reason why I shouldn't do this?



No reason why you shouldn't do them, we all did the same while learning. But don't pay them any attention. Remember, you're still learning ;)


I usually tell my 'super beginner' students to take everything they read with a pound or two of salt. Beginners with no experience tend to read every single word about a card and not realise the cards are only a springboard. Also, until you are comfortable with the cards, you are constantly being hit with something new nd you might tend to 'over read' the cards. play with the cards all you want. Record things that seem pertinent. Don't believe everything you read since it is not written in stone.


my recommendation would be to learn the symbols, the archetypes. does that snake coiled around the egg have its eyes open or closed? which way are the Hanged Man's toes pointing (up or down)? what does the infinity sign above the Magicians head mean?
once you have mastered these symbols, the meaning of all the different decks will make sense to you.
there are many 'non tarot' books available on symbolism. J.E. Cirlot's "A Dictionary of Symbols" is excellent (although hard to find). J.C. Cooper's "An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols" is also very good. there are many good dream interpretation books that can be quite helpful.
'playing' with the different spreads will help you become familiar with these symbols, as will experimenting with different decks. but as Tarotbear said, don't pay much attention to your results while you're still learning.
and good luck.