Legend: 10 of Cups: Corbenic

crazy raven

Corbenic is a place of marvels, including, at various times, a maiden trapped in a magically boiling cauldron, a dragon, and a room where arrows assail any who try to spend the night there. These wonders cause Sir Bors to name it the Castle Adventurous, "for here be many strange adventures" (Le Morte d'Arthur, book XI). Yet it can also appear quite ordinary: on an earlier occasion, according to the Lancelot-Grail, the same Sir Bors visited without noticing anything unusual. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corbenic

The scene in this card is so breathtakingly beautiful, it draws you in with its quiet, dreamy, relaxing and soothing energy. There is a natural, gradual, gentle process going on .. all patterns are flowing in a synchronistic and very rhythmic pattern. We are at home in this watery, earthly environment a true connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. Ah just letting life simply Be for the moment, no place you need to go, nothing you need to do, no problem that you need to solve. We are free to roam and interact joyously with all the surroundings.

The Corbenic Castle is the home of the Grail, the great cauldron of life. It is safe, solid and receptive, fertile, full, deep, broad and balanced. When we embody this structure our world becomes balanced, and full of life. We feel at One with everything and everyone. There are no stirrings of pleasure, anger, sorrow or joy at this time, just a state of harmony and equilibrium. And we just let this state of harmony and balance to exist in perfection, allowing all within its vicinity to flourish and feel nourished.

Reversed, we feel out of sorts can't seem to rest or even notice the peaceful, natural flow around us. Instead we feel lost in our thoughts, aimless, depressed. Withdrawing further from the world we make-up stories to hide what we're truly feelings. The more we feel stifled, the more we feel victimized and misguided. If feeling cornered or threatened we could blow, becoming defiant, or aggressively abusive; all is a mask to hiding our own hurt feelings and vulnerabilities.

You need to artistically express yourself and put your whole energy into it. Perhaps exercising, Karate, Tai Chi or even Yoga. These can to calm and balance your assertive behaviors so they can become tempered with sensitivity, compassion, responsibility and vision.