Legend; The Arthurian Study Group - The Judgement


inanna_tarot said:
its not the actual Arthur, but its the spirit of Arthur that is always with us, dormant but still within our psyche to be woken up and rally against anything we believe to be wrong...
What is sort of trippy about the whole Arthur legend and Judgment has to do with the last couple posts and similarity with the death of Christ as well...that by death and renewal the earth is healed, the stain removed, that we are reborn and rejuvenated. And we are still waiting for that Trumpet call announcing his return...he is not really dead...just went somewhere else.

If the time line was just a little bit different...there are a lot of theories that Joseph of Arithema (sp?) brough Jesus with him to Britain during the "lost years" of his teens and twenties and that he studied with the Druids during this time. So it's almost as if, if you play with the time lines, that when he left...so did the Holy Grail. Was it a cup, the chalice give to Jesus to hasten his death, or the person himself? There is also the theory once he ascendended he went back to Briton and made several other stops world wide before leaving and promising to return again...and transform this world into something new and different.

A reformation, I really like that thought. Transformed and re formed into something better than what was before.

It's way off the wall, but was one of those things that drive me nuts when they pop in my head. So being perverse, I had to share it rather than let it run around in my head the rest of the night.