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Lenormand Study Groups
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Forum Favorites
Links to pics of different Lenormand decks
What Lenormand deck is the postman bringing? 2015

Some Individual Cards or Card Comparisons
The Stork
Lenormand Bear card: Which way should it face?
Common Motifs in Lenormand-Type Oracles: The Dog
Lenormand, the diff between cross and coffin?
Ring to the left of charged card
Snake as fear?
Dark side of the clouds?
The Moon
The Moon (2)
Leormand - Cross - #36
27-The Letter
The Fish card
The Bear card
The Mice
Lilies Card
Stars = longing?
Scythe card repeatedly seen
Man - Piatnik Lenormand
The Ship=a car?
The Cross Card
Songbirds vs Owls
Scythe - Can it ever be good?
Tree as 'health'
fox as job or sly?
The Snake
Fox vs Moon

Some Card Meanings & Interpretations Threads
NoCoolName's Card Meanings Journal
Lenormand meanings! and rhyme translation!
All about Lenormand Cards
Post your rogue Lenormand interps here!
Dual Meaning Cards
Russian Meanings
Lenormand Cartomancy Meanings
Titania/Lenormand Combinations that make you go What The!
Lenormand/Titania combinations

Combining Cards in Lines
Guidelines for Combining Cards in Lines

9 Card Square or 3x3 Spread - aka The Box Spread
My nine card spread
variations on how to read a 9 card spread?
9-Card "Box" Spread
9 card spread, reading columns
central card of 3x3 reading

Grand Tableau
Grand Tableu
Looking for 6x6 (house) spread
Grand Lenormand Spread Details
Grand Tableau - first one!
The Grand Tableau- How did you learn?
The Grand Tableau; go on, sock it to me
First Grand Tableau, question about columns and timelines
how I read the GT
GT Major Players
How do you read Knighted cards?
Suddenly the GT has exploded before my eyes
GT: cards in their own homes
Fox position in the GT
GT and Houses
GT more than one child
Significator at the Borders (1) and (2)

Grand Tableau - Layout Discussions
(8X4+4) layout v. (9X4) layout?
Subject in bottom row of 4x8+4
GT 4x9 or 8x4 +4

Some Resources & Videos
Lenormand Resources Thread
Lenormand YouTube Videos
Journal Print Outs for Daily Draws, Readings, & Exercises
New Lenormand Courses (Björn Meuris)

New book:The Lenormand Compendium by Mario Dos Ventos
Mlle. Lenormand Books
two Lenormand books in English found at Amazon
Treppner Course or Brika-Verlag Ebook
using titania's book with lenormand cards
Lenormand's Book?
Learning Lenormand by Katz & Goodwin
New book! (Rana George's The Essential Lenormand)
Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot: Create Meaning & Gain Insight from the C
Caitlin Matthews - 'The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook'
andybc ebook
Lenormand books
George vs Steinbach: Book Reviews

Lenormand Phone Apps
The Dondorf Lenormand App