Let's Do Another Flotsam and Jetsam Swap!!!!

Witchy Woman

ok cool beans


Hope that my explanation makes sense, and please if you have any other questions please ask :)


Hi, Witchy Woman, Mathki and welcome back, Elven!

Kaleanna did a great job of describing what we do once we get the items. I'll organize us into groups of 4 or 5 and everyone will go out on a little thread of their own and 'talk junk'.

Here is a link to the original thread for when Satori organized this last year. You can get a feel for what everyone chatted about on their individual threads that were created and linked to 'the mother ship' thread.

Satori's Original Thread

Once everyone has collected the amount of items they will send, at a specified time we will mail little envelopes of goodies to one another, post about sending and receiving on the individual threads, and also do readings on those threads. I have suggested 7 - 10 items, because you need to send that many to maybe 4 or 5 people, so then you might have to find as many as 50 items. That may be easier for some than others. But each group can ultimately decide what number works for them.


Thanks Mell,I tried to make it an easy and understandable explanation. Hope I did well at that.

Anyway, I am still adding to my bag of "junk" LOL.I will have plenty of odds and ends to choose from.


kaleanna said:
It is also addictive }):laugh: :laugh:

HA, you don't say!!

I'm obsessively collecting junk since the last one. Time to join another swap :D


Aulruna said:
HA, you don't say!!

I'm obsessively collecting junk since the last one. Time to join another swap :D
ETA: Welcome to the Swap Aulruna :D

ROFL Aulruna,

So am I, :laugh: :laugh:


I'd like to be a part of this. Put me down too, please.:)


Hi Horace, welcome to the swap :D


And I have come up with the perfect name for my oracle. I have been thinking on this since I had participated in the first one.



and that name is:

"Treasure Trove" Oracle

This treasure trove oracle
is made up with love
bits & piece, odds 'n ends
selected just for me
from family & friends