Let's play another faerie game!


well, my faeries are very restless lately.

And when they get bored, they tend towards the destructive, so I have been looking for something for them to do...

"why isn't there another Everybody Play group?" Mickle whines...

and the Bode sits on my shoulder...as he has for many days now...butting into other tarot readings that I am doing for people here, and Elsewhere.

So....While we wait for another Faerie Seekers Circle....

Here's a game that anyone here (and any Faerie) can play!

I will post a subject.

And anyone who wants to join in, can choose one to three faeries to play... (either randomly, or purposefully!)

Just ask the fae what they think about the current subject...and post your experiences here!

Subjects will change at whim...(or others may post a subject to get faerie conversations going!)

This is, incidently...a pretty good way to get to know some of the faeries that you aren't too familiar with!

If it weren't for this game...I would never have known that Dorcha's favorite color is Light Raspberry... or that Losgunna really enjoys Faery Parasailing!

So...the first Subject is...

What is your favorite food to eat when you want to feel happy?

(you can answer this one too...along with the faeries!!)


What is your favorite food to eat when you want to feel happy?

"That's an odd way of putting that," Tobaira states. "You could have just asked...'what is your favorite food', you know."

"Yes...I know...but I wanted to distinguish it a bit. Like...what's your favorite food to pig out with?"

The Green Woman sidles in "What about your favorite food to eat when you want to feel dangerous? Or you want to feel PRICKLY!"

"No...just what food makes you happy....
look...it's not that hard a question!"

"Ambrosia" Iris of the Rainbows says languously. "and sometimes bananas."

"Roasted Acorns!!!" Shouts The Green Woman joyously! "I like squirrels too...but not always roasted! Sometimes Pickled!" she snorts gleefully.

Tobaira thinks for a while before carefully answering.
"What makes me happy, is not something I eat. I am happy when I choose to be happy...and food does not alter this."

After thinking a little while longer, she answers.

"But I do enjoy champagne, now and again. It is like tasting Stars."

"Me?...I like chocolate that is flavored with orange. It always makes me feel better to eat a chocolate orange cookie, or dark chocolate orange peels!Especially when I am blue."

"I am NEVER Blue!" the Green Woman adds.


"Sunlight!!!" The maidens answers. "It's crunchy and sweet as pickles on a summers day." I try to tell her that humans can't possibly eat sunlight but she looks at me with sparkles in her eyes and asks me how I know that? Did I try?


PS. Did somebody pm-ed elf or Temperance angel? I can see how if you're busy things might take a while to do, so maybe we could help them setting up the next circle.


19-The Sage
A nice green leafy salad (spinach lots of spinach) w/Italian dressing and a deviled egg w/paprika sprinkled on top The Sage says firmly.

22-The Master Maker
OOh, curry noodles and sushi and Flambe' for dessert. Ah fingers lickin' good;)
You been here 4 hour you go now says the Chef!

36-Spirit Dancer
Apple cake from "Recipes of a Vegetarian Goddess" made while nude dancing and singing later to be take to a friends house to be enjoyed.



Luathas the Wild #57 - "HOT HOT HOT! Love that spicy cajun food! Or a big plate full of spicy hot buffalo wings. If it's so spicy it burns your lips and makes your eyes tear up, then it's about right for me."


I'll see if any other faeries want to play later today!