Life and year cards

J :)

Hi everybody!

Haven't been here for a while, but for some reason my reading has really taken off lately. I think lots of things I read here made me get the hang of things, and made me feel like I can trust myself and what I find in the cards. Truely exciting! And I get to hear loads of positive reactions to my readings and interpretations, that's nice. Even if I still only read for other Tarot-people at the moment...!

Anyway, I have heard it mentioned both here and in other forums, peope have a card for their life (I suppose that's a karmic thing, or...?) and another one for the year.

Now, what is this and how do you find out what your year is?

If it's easy for someone to explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it. I suppose it's in the books, but not in the ones I have, and it's kind of tricky to find good Tarot-litterature here in Sweden...!

Thanks a lot!


Hi Jenny!

We had an incredible thread going titled "the shadow card" with over 50 postings. You might want to look back at it as it has the information you are seeking and more!. A short synopsis of the info you want is as follows:

Personality card: month + day + year of birth ... then add each of the digits in the result (i.e.: 01 + 15 + 1975 = 1991 .... 1+9+9+1 = 20) Judgement card 20 would be your personality card. If the number adds up to 23 or more then you would add the 2 digits to get your personality card (i.e.: 2+3=5)

Soul card: that is the sum of the two digits of your personality card. If your personality card was a reduction of 23 or a higher number then you would have the same soul and personality card. For example if your personality card was the 2+3=5, then your personality and soul card would both be the Heirophant.

As for the year card, add your month + day + current year and you will get your year card.

Two books I would like to recommend to you if you are interested in this are "Tarot for Yourself" and "Tarot Constellations" both by Mary Greer ... they are work books.

Hope this helps!