link to the erotic art show

The crowned one

I loved your colours! Your art is very inviting.


Wow! It is really colorful! I like it!


Very, very nice.

I haven't used your deck in a while Roxi but it's been calling to me for a few days now. Time to get those lovely, complex, swirly images out to play :).



Hi Sulis, yes it seems that the Pearls deck is waking up a bit after a long slumber. I am feeling better now, so I have some energy to put out there again. The art show was a blast and I really enjoyed being out there again, I haven't shown in a long time. Now to figure out how to show the Pearls paintings....Cheers Hexi


pearls of wisdom show

a show of the major arcana will happen in a small town in Canada, Armstrong BC. next October... first showing of the deck. decks, prints, cards and magnets will be on sale as well.