Links To Readings With Ludy Lescot Deck


Hello Fellow Ludy Lescot Students!

This thread has been designed to provide links to readings done with the Ludy Lescot deck posted in other forums. Please note: we are not able to post readings within the study forum! Therefore, in an effort to further our understanding of the cards and their unique interpretation possibilities, this thread has been opened. Please follow some general guidelines:

1.) When posting your link, PLEASE title you post with your spread reading title. This will help people search for the example that will help them with their own interpretations! If you would like to include your original question in this thread to explain the context of your spread that would be ok too, but keep additional details in the original spread.

2.) Please refrain from commenting on spreads and interpretations in this thread. If you have comments or suggestions they can be posted under the original thread.

3.) If you have a brilliant insight on a card interpretation or card combination interpretation, please post under the appropriate thread in our study forum

That’s it! These guidelines are in place to minimize the cataloging and policing needed by the moderator!

Thanks Everybody, and Have Fun!


All Purpose Compass Spread: Career

Q: What can you tell me about my career path and application process?

link here


This is a great start, thank you MaineGirl117! I hope to post some of my readings soon,too.


The "Lost" Spread: Career

Link here

Q: What can you tell me about the course of my career path this year?


I love Ludy Lescot!

Link here

Q: What is coming my way in the next 3-6 weeks