List of tarot myths


I need a list of common tarot myths. I did a search of this forum and got three threads, but none of them really list myths. They're just complaining about the fact that there are myths, mostly. One of them is just a rant about the "myth" about used decks and wasn't very helpful to me. The other two weren't very extensive either.

So I'm coming here to seek the help of all you other AT'ers in listing tarot myths. :)


Dumbass Myth #1- You must recieve a deck as a gift. They cannot be purchased by yourself .

le fey

#2 - Never let anyone touch your deck.
#3 - You have to use a specific shuffle ritual for the cards to 'work'.
#4 - The cards must be wrapped in a silk cloth (possibly of a particular color).


Myth 5: You must keep your tarot cards under your pillow at night in order to connect with it.



Do you mean myths associated with the use/origins of Tarot itself, or myths associated with individual cards eg. The Hanged Man and Odin?

If the former, I have a couple of suggestions.

a) That old chestnut about not being able to start Taroting until someone gives you a deck.

b) That Tarot and Witchcraft are inextricably linked and everyone who reads Tarot is a Witch and vice-versa.

c) That Tarot is associated with "telling the future" and as such is a "sin" for its links to gambling (in lotteries and in broader terms).

d) I also get the sh*^s with people whose lack of imagination means that their idea of the potential use of Tarot is limited to romance and relationships and who look to Tarot for easy answers without the conviction and true desire to make real and lasting changes in their lives, their personalities and their hearts. I guess that's a little off topic, but there you have it.

Then there are little personal preferences that come (I suspect) from dubious publications touting the mystical overtones of Tarot practice. These are PERSONAL PREFERENCES and whilst I don't subscribe to most of them, even I have my little idiosyncrasies. Mostly, though, I think they're rubbish. I am, however, open to ideas and justifications. Eg.

a) black silk cloth to wrap cards in to "keep out negative energies". Keep them in whatever the hell you want! An old sock will do! I personally like pretty tarot bags - the one I got from baba studio for my VR deck is just lovely - because I like pretty things and I treat my cards in such a way as to heighten my own mindspace when I use them. Pretty bags help me, not them.

b) Cleansing. One of my pet hates. They're brand new and fresh out of the cellophane and yet people still feel the need to "cleanse" them. Ugh!

c) Not letting other people touch your cards. If I'm reading face to face for someone, I think I'd be mad not to let them at least shuffle the cards!

d) Not letting other people read with your cards. This one, I believe in. What can I say - I'm territorial! :)

Can't think of any more right now, and you veterans will probably know heaps more than I do, but thought I'd put in my two cents (oh, sorry, five cents, no more ones or twos here any more!)

\m/ Kat


These are great! I think we should put this in the index for future reference.

How about that your deck will get jealous or angry and stop communicating if you do or don't do something or other?

Or that a deck "reads accurately" or not---there's not any way to tell that except for oneself, after all. What a deck "reads" like for me may not be accurate for someone else because it's a matter of personal connections in the brain.

le fey

Only psychics can use Tarot cards successfully.

Free Flight

Don't forget,

Dont read for yourself or you will die


Also that your deck is haunted. :eek: I love this myth. }) :D


I remember another one------that you're going to conjure up evil spirits if you use the cards.