Little Gifts


Sometimes things come to us, books, tools, amulets, animals, plants, feathers, crystals and lots more. We weren't looking but they found us. They come to be inspiring, to heal, to be of use, to teach us etc. Gifts from friends or clients, gifts from the Universe, found objects or yard sale bargains. However they come, it always makes my heart skip and I want to honour the gift by finding out all about it.

Today these two Caxixi (pronounced Ka-shee-shee) which come from Africa and Brazil but these are most likely from Ghana came to work with me. A gift and a lovely one at that. They are woven rattles made from gourds, grasses stones and seeds. They are thought to invite the good spirits and keep the bad spirits at bay.

Would you like to share when these blessings come to you?


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What a nice gentle present, Millie! :)

Talking about "presents"
On the Huntsville Marker a guy was selling Lynx paws. Yes, real, with claws and all - from a garment fur animal rancher/ murderer up north...
I was horrrrrified!!:bugeyed:
- Lynx is / was my father's Guardian along with Magpie..... I touched one and like a FLASH Ada's face and voice was THERE right in front of me. there were several and one of them gave me a gripping jolt - the others not... and then the one - again the jolt with instructions: This one!
So I guess my Father was shopping with me on the Market.
I however had to pay.....
Now I am waiting for further instructions.....


Then further up on the way to the show where we sold our jewelry this weekend we saw a Raven at the side of the road - in the heat....
We noted the area and yesterday, on the way home we collected her and ... all the carrion bugggggs in her chest....
I had to deal with that "present" this morning.... - after breakfast...
All the feathers are washed and now drying and the head is in a wire cage to be cleaned up by my insect allies.....


I'm not sure what I would do if faced by Lynx paws. Cats are a big part of my life too so this would hurt terribly.


Thanks for beginning this thread and opportunity to send out thanks, Milfoil ;) I am very glad you and Mi-Shell received such lovely gifts...

I received a few beautiful gifts from friends who came to visit - one friend gave me the means to buy the green tourmaline I had my heart set on for months, and all of them together helped me get a ruby I really needed to give me energy...and also I received citrines from my beloved for the same purpose. Without them, I would not have the healing aids I needed to restore my heart and energy, and i will be forever grateful...

I am glad to report these lovely pieces are already hard at work and producing results :)

We also did a reading square, and also everyone banded together around me to keep my evil MIL's bad energy at bay during the visit. She soon was safely contained and unable to find any chink in my armour - a good learning experience for us both.

Love, to me, is definitely sharing the means and ability for all to heal, and be protected, all around the circle ;)

And so I send thanks out along the Strand. Also send thanks to all at AT who have supported me, whole-heartedly, and tried to help me with advice and friendship generously offered during my difficult spring...nice to know that what we give always returns threefold...

ETA I just read your post, Milfoil, about the lynx paws, and although it was horrifying, i think it is wonderful that Mi-Shell turned the negative into a good thing...I do not know if I could have done the same...I love my cat, and I love animals, so that would have been...challenging.


Not so little but from a VERY unusual and unexpected source, I have been offered a Reindeer skin! It's not here with me yet but I am incredibly grateful. :heart:


Awhile back under what were originally sad circumstances (a death) I was offered what appears to be an entirely handmade hand drum.

I do not know the origins of the drum. It may have originated from the Southwestern United States (Native American?), but perhaps not. It may not be from within this country, as I think the person traveled.

I have enjoyed playing this drum. I feel a reverence when I touch it. It is a very special drum. It was made with great care. I feel grateful that the drum "found" me. :heart:


Oooh do we get to see a picture? Perhaps we can help with what kind of drum it is?

I love drums and would love to see your new one. :)


a few weeks ago I got some owl feathers (Great Horned Owl). I didn't find them in the wild, which would have been pretty special - I found them at a wildlife refuge where 3 of these owls live. Still, it's beautiful and graces the shelf above my altar.


How wonderful Bhavana, that you just happened to be there at the right time when the feathers fell . . .

Today came to me the strangest skull and feather. We were walking along a beach not far from here but not the usual one we go to. It was a last minute decision and there on the beach was this strange, black/blue feather - stiff, thick but not large. Unlike a Crow feather and so I picked it up because something about it 'spoke' to me. A few minutes later, just as we were turning to walk back, there is a small, white skull. I had no clue what it was from.

Back home, I searched and searched on the net to find what it could be. Was it a cat, rat, rabbit, seagull, snake?????? Nope, it wasn't any of those. Then a little voice in my head said "Cormorant"! So I typed that in and there it was, a Cormorant Skull. Not only that but the feather was from a Cormorant tail too. Clearly not from the same bird since the skull is old and white while the feather is fresh and new.

We don't see many Cormorants here, I've only seen perhaps 4 in the 30 years I've lived in the area so this was clearly something special for me to take note of.


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