Location/Vacation spread


I am learning how to use significators for locations and people who want to go on vacations so i created this spread :D.It is simple pick a card for north, south, west, east directions. Ask the client for a few locations they were thinking of going to. Then do your reading as a 3 spread layout . you can take the 3 card spread to a bigger spread if you want to add more meaning. The cards you pick can signify different locations, such as lakes, mountains, and so on lol. I am really excited to do this spread and learn it. Sounds fun. Make sure when you do your reading that you only take the significator cards and shuffle them before your read. Leave the rest of your deck aside. Ask your client to name a few places they have their mind set on, that way you can make you final location based off of their input. What you are doing is taking your 3 card spread and putting it together to form one location.

Here is an example =

significators [ north] [east] [south] [west]
enviornments [mountains] [lake] [ocean] [sand/desert] and so on.
then do your 3 card spread which gives you 3 total outcomes.
1. 2. 3.

say you get mountains for card 1, ocean for card 2 and lake for card 3 . You can take your 3 card spread and connect the 3 cards to make the location the client will be vacationing or traveling to.

make sure to let me know if you all like this spread. This is the first spread i have ever made on my own lol.


results and input

Let me know if this spread worked for you or who you used it on :) I am curious to see your results.