Long term or Life Spread


For those of us who are into the predictive aspect of Tarot, I wanted to know if anybody knew of long term or life spreads. Readings where you can tell how many kids one will have, serious relationships/marriages, career, approximate age of death, grand kids etc ?

The reason I ask I because when I was 16 I knew a girl who had made her own set of cards that were colloges of magazine pictures. She said her moms friend who was a gypsy had taught her this system. I am amazed by her accuracy and how things she said would happen have come about. These life events were also predicted and confirmed by another friend of mine several years later who reads palms.

So I'm just wondering what spreads people use to look further ahead than the usual 3 months to a year.


Yes, I would be interested in something like this as well. If no one knows of one, perhaps we can make one.


Wow, 64 views and nobody has any ideas or experience with a long range predictive spread ?

I think I may have to come up with my own.